Scott Miller ~ Founder ~ Canada’s #1 Berkey Distributor since 2011.

I have been living and working on the water for over 15 years.  From lifeguard and canoe tripping guide in Ontario, to Dalhousie University graduate (BA – International Development Studies / Environmental Philosophy) in Nova Scotia, from sea kayaking instructor in Australia to sailor and surfer on the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Mediterranean… I have gained a healthy respect for the ebb and flow.

On every canoe trip, we stop at the river’s headwaters for a toast to the river and safe passage.  Once a co-guide explained to the group, “We will be drinking this river water for the next seven days.  After four days, you will feel a much stronger connection with this river because your body’s water will be completely renewed, and You Will Be 70% this river”.  His words resonated strongly with everyone as they may be for you now.  The water we consume is so extremely vital to our overall health and well-being.

We all need clean, purified water for optimum health and to reach our highest potential.

That is how and why Conscious Water evolved.  Seeking a constant, reliable, pure water source for my family and friends… free from chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic, free from pesticide and herbicide toxic runoff, without the need for electricity or water pressure, the powerful Berkey water purifier was a natural choice.  Wishing to share the potential of the Berkey purifiers, I am an authorized Canadian distributor, added super healthful naturally alkalizing mineral stones, and Conscious Water was born!

I have been purifying water for personal and group consumption on canoe, kayak and sailing trips for over 15 years.  From chemical methods to hand pump ceramic element filters, from solar stills and portable ultraviolet light purifiers to maintaining a desalinator on a sailing yacht, I am confident that the wide range of Berkey water purifiers will exceed your expectations.  These systems will purify any freshwater source, even stagnant pond water.  They enable us to have safe, health-giving drinking water in virtually any circumstance.  A Berkey is a health, wellness, and survival tool.

Enjoy : )

Tim Larkin ~ British Columbia Representative

In 2007 I read a book that changed my perspective on water for good. I always knew water was important for all living things, that if you did not have it, you would surly perish, but I never gave much thought to the quality of water. I thought that water was water was water, H20 could not really change, it was always going to be just two hydrogen and one oxygen no matter what, making sure it was clean was important but other then that water was water.

After reading Masaru Emoto’s  “Hidden Messages In Water”, my perspective and life were changed forever. Masaru Emoto showed that water has the ability to store information, not zero’s and ones’s, but vibrational information. Looking into the matter a little more deeply, I discovered that water is a very unique substance, very different from all others on this planet. It is a stable liquid crystal at room temperature, the only of its kind. When frozen, it is the only substance on the planet that becomes lighter in its solid state, allowing the top layer or a body of water to freeze, and insulate the bottom layer so plants and aquatic life may survive the winter months. Without this unique quality, life would not have developed the way it did on this planet. A stable liquid crystal makes up 70% of our bodies, a crystal that can store information.

Suddenly the idea of water that was vibrationally balanced became important to me, if this substance was going to make up most of my body, I wanted to make sure it was of the highest vibration.  I started adding positive words to my water bottles and jugs, then got into etching glass containers with sacred symbols.

(Check out his functional art:  Etched Miron Glass Bottles and  Etched Glass Jugs)

When my old friend Scott called me up and told me about the Berkey systems, and how they not only purify any source of fresh water, but with the addition of maifan stones and tourmaline energy balls, also alkalize, mineralize, and vibrationally restructure water… I jumped at the opportunity to bring these amazing devices into peoples homes.

250.898.7539  (Courtenay, British Columbia)

Steedan Crowe ~ Website Building Assistance

My whole life is reminiscent of a cartoon adventure. When I was in grade two I created a one minute animated short, a few grades later I progressed to building a hand cranked phonograph out of lego and scraps I found around the house. Cartoons were always a favourite of mine just like any other kid and when my parents found out I had an artistic eye they signed me up for a cartooning course.

My strong interest in the arts later became fuelled by a passion for music and photography, culminating into a unique connection with technology through web design and programming. I saw early success on the internet when helping my dad with his eBay business in 1999 and have ever since gravitated toward this flexible medium.

After College I started my own full-time photography studio which took a down turn along with the recession. I branched into web design and consulting with much greater success and have been doing the latter ever since.

I now work at Georgian College (my alma mater) as an assistant to the digital photography program while maintaining a steady flow of business through Web Hive, my web design and consulting practice. I’m proud to say Conscious Water and in particular Scott Miller is an amazing client to work with and learning happens both ways.

705.812.2650 (Barrie, Ontario)


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