Berkey Shower Filter how does it work?

You have probably read up on how beneficial it can be to filter your water in the shower. While there are other shower filters on the market, the Berkey shower filter is simply the most effective and best option. But why? How does our shower filter work? When you understand the basics, you will more than likely be even more convinced of the benefits of our filter. 

First, you install our shower filter on your existing shower head with just a few simple tools. You can utilize many common shower heads with our product and installation takes only minutes. Once the installation process is complete, you’ll see that we filter out chlorine and many other impurities from the water source before it flows into the shower head and onto you while you shower.

You’re probably most familiar with carbon filters as they are one of the more common methods of filtering water. The Berkey Shower Filter unit does not use carbon like most filters on the market. Instead, we use a patented filter media which more-effectively removes chlorine from the water source and it is also efficient in hot water as well as cold. Because the Berkey Shower Filter reduces the impact of algae, fungus and hydrogen sulfide, the chance of new bacteria growth in the unit is much less noticeable than with other products on the market today.

In addition to providing the best filtration on the market, the Berkey Shower Filter also reduces the flow of water into your shower. This helps the filter to be even more effective, giving the filter time to work. However, there are other benefits too as you’ll see an immediate reduction in the amount of water used while you’re showering–while still leaving you with a comfortable flow to help you feel clean and relaxed.

Best of all, The Berkey Shower Filter Lasts 75,000 liters (25,000 gallons), or one year whichever comes first

If you find that flow is limited over time, you can easily back flush the unit and get it working again with just a few simple steps. Once you have our filter installed and ready to go, you can relax with the knowledge that you’ll be clean and protected for months to come.

 If you haven’t tried filtering your shower water with the Berkey shower filter yet, why not check out the options on our website? Or, if you have any further questions about how our filters work or you whether it is a good choice for you, reach out to us by email or phone today.

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