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How do gravity water filters work?

When people turn on their tap water, they may not realize just how many contaminants and heavy metals could flow out. When residents begin to learn about all of the undesirable extras that their water contains, they often turn to products like Berkey water filters to help them deliver clean and safe water to their […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Gravity Water Filter

Gravity water filters provide a way for you to have a steady supply of clean and healthy water for your home. These water filters use gravity to filter out harmful contaminants in water supplies, including viruses and bacteria. If you’ve been thinking of getting a gravity water filter, it’s important to understand how to choose […]

Algal Blooms: What You Need to Know

They’re unsightly. They’re foul-smelling. And they have the potential to be very hazardous to your health. We’re talking about algal blooms, which are large patches of algae that have significantly increased over the past 40 years in freshwater bodies all throughout North America & Canada. What’s more is that it’s estimated that rising temperatures caused […]

How Should I Clean my Berkey Water Filter?

Reliable and pure drinking water is so important. With a Royal Berkey water filter, you can safely drink from freshwater sources—from rivers to even stagnant pond water. But that important filter requires a change on occasion. You won’t need to change the filter every time you clean the Berkey® unit, so a lot of people […]

Wells: Common contaminants and maintenance concerns

Water is one of the few things we can’t live without. People can’t live more than 24 to 48 hours without safe, clean water. In some places that can be a challenge. If you live outside of the reach of municipal water systems, you probably rely on a well for your drinking, cooking and household […]

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History of the Berkey Water Filter

Conscious Water is proud of our almost decade of service as Canada’s number one Berkey Water Filter Distributor. Our customers appreciate the benefits of safe, health-giving drinking water, and also want to protect our sacred earth by diverting hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from landfills each and every day. They select from our expansive […]

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Water Cooler vs. Conscious Water

It’s always fun to gather around the office water cooler to chat with your colleagues about the big game, trending news or weekend plans. But have you ever really thought about the quality of the water you’re consuming during these times? While standard water cooler jugs can offer a refreshing break, there’s actually a healthier, […]

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How Often and How Should I Clean My Berkey Water Filter?

Having a Royal Berkey Water Filter means you can count on having healthy, clean water for household purposes. While these types of water filtration systems are easy to use, it’s important to make sure you clean the purification elements on a regular basis. This helps ensure that your water system will continue being able to […]

Advantages of Countertop Water Filters

Having access to clean water at all times is important for your household. You can find different kinds of water filter options available, which provide your home with water that is as clean as possible. However, countertop water filters offer certain advantages over other types. Having a countertop Berkey water filter system in your home […]