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Need to Drink More Water? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re like most people, you drink nearly enough water on a daily basis. Some people simply get too busy to remember to stop and enjoy a nice cold glass of water, but like others, you may be deterred by a variety of reasons. Perhaps you don’t care for the taste of your tap water, […]

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Benefits of a Water Bottle Filter for When You’re on the Go

Having drinking water handy when you’re out and about can be difficult in some situations, such as when you’re hiking or travelling. Even when you’re out running errands, you might not be able to easily bring water with you that’s safe to drink. Instead of stocking up on bottled water in plastic containers, which is […]

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Smart Hydration Tips for Cyclists

Water is the body’s great modulator. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or pedalling for health, staying hydrated can help you log more miles year-round. From electrolytes to using a Berkey Sport water bottle filter, here are some smart ways to stay on top of your hydration and make every bike ride a success. Hydrate Before […]

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Reasons to Drink Enough Water Each Day

You’ve probably heard that you should drink plenty of water each day. Water provides your body with some important benefits, so you should make sure you’re drinking enough of it on a daily basis. Knowing what kinds of benefits water offers can help you understand why drinking plenty is essential. Keep in mind that having […]

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Is Your Bottled Water Really Tap Water Under a Different Name?

Bottled water has become extremely popular over the last several years because people want an alternative to drinking water straight from the tap. However, you might be surprised to learn that bottled water is often tap water with a few modifications made to it. You might also consider that bottled water is expensive and creates […]

8 Signs Your Tap Water Might Be Dangerous to Drink

Having tap water that’s clean and safe to drink or use for washing dishes and other household tasks is highly important. While some areas have tap water that’s treated to remove contaminants, some harmful particles can still be present. How can you tell if the water in your home is safe to drink? If your […]

How Long Does it Take for a Big Berkey to Filter Water?

Short answer: about 2 hours and 15 minutes if your device has two filters. A Big Berkey holds 8.5 litres and it takes about an hour per 3.75 litres to filter the contaminants from the freshwater source you happen to be using. Of course, this isn’t the end of the story. Filtration can be affected […]