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Royal Berkey system for water filtration

Choosing the Right Water Filtration System

Access to clean, filtered water is more important than ever. But with so many systems available — from a countertop model like a Royal Berkey water filter to a whole-house system — how can you decide which is right for your home? Under-Sink Mount If you’ve seen homes with a second, smaller faucet next to […]

Crown Berkey system plus two elements for water filtration

What are the best Countertop Gravity Water Filters

The quality of the water you drink has a huge impact on your health. With a quality water filter, you can get clean, fresh drinking water at your convenience. All you need to do is supply the unfiltered water. Gravity takes care of the rest; no plumbing or electricity needed. We review some of the […]

Berkey Shower Filter how does it work?

You have probably read up on how beneficial it can be to filter your water in the shower. While there are other shower filters on the market, the Berkey shower filter is simply the most effective and best option. But why? How does our shower filter work? When you understand the basics, you will more […]

berkey water filter cleaning

How Long Do Berkey Filters Last?

The decision to buy a water filter may raise questions and concerns about when to change out your filter. It is an important consideration to ensure that you and your loved ones are drinking fresh and pure water. The exact amount of time between changing out your filter differs based on usage and the size […]

Drinking Water Safety for Travelers

You’ve been planning this trip for months. You know which sites to visit and where to get the best selfies for Instagram or Facebook. Don’t let a “harmless” mistake leave you rolling around in pain in the hotel room instead of out there enjoying the world. That’s precisely what can happen if you don’t understand […]

Lead in Canada’s Water

Lead in Canada’s Water Earlier this month, “Star Edmonton” published the results of a study that found parts of Edmonton’s water supply contains lead levels more than 120 times the level deemed acceptable by the Canadian federal health authorities. In addition, the results of a recently-published 2017 study found that the water in more than […]

How Much Water Should You Store?

People, who are focused on eating and living better can easily answer the question: “How much water should you drink throughout the day?” Depending on who you talk to, this approximate amount is usually around eight 8-ounce glasses or 8-ounce bottles for optimal performance. Many factors can require an increase or a decrease of this […]

Back of Sport Berkey bottle for water filtration

Sport Berkey Water Bottle – The Next Step in Sport Water Bottles

Whether you enjoy traveling, exercising, camping, hiking, or simply staying hydrated as you complete your daily errands, the refillable water bottle has become a must-have accessory for health-minded men and women alike. Gyms across the country are installing bottle holders, as are major backpack brands, camping chair designs, and more. The message is clear: BYOW […]