Etched Glass Jug ~ Upcycling ~ Large Water Containers


These beautiful and functional pieces of glass art were designed and created by visionary artist, Tim Larkin (First Glass Design), out of Courtenay, British Columbia.  When asked what his inspiration was, he explained it was the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Dr. Emoto proved to the world in his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, that intent, symbols, music, prayers, and words influence a positive, structural, and measurable change in water molecules.  That is why Tim’s etched glass water containers connect your drinking water to various sacred geometry symbols such as the Flower of Life, Chakra Symbols, and Metatron’s Cube. The jugs hold 2.75 liters (0.7 gallons) of water.

Tibetan Gayatri Mantra and Tibetan Uchen


etching art1 gallon glass jug














Etched Glass Jugs are $60 ~ Available Here


“Storing water in an artistically etched glass jug intends to help and heal those drinking from it; elevating people to higher vibratory levels and to live more spiritually capable. Water holds a stable vibrational charge.  As you drink it, it becomes a part of you.  Every cell in your body will resonate with the intention.”  (Tim Larkin)

Add these alkalizing mineral stones to your etched glass water jug to create an abundance of health giving, naturally alkalized water.


flower of life, the flower of life, flower life, flower of life on glass

 Front ~ Flower of Life

the flower of life, glass bottles for sale

 Wrapped Around Jug ~ First 5 Chakra Symbols

Etched Glass Designs ~ Etched Glass Art

Tim explains his next piece: “This symbol is called “Metatrons Cube”, it is all 5 platonic solids, (basic geometries that make up all life) one inside the next.  On top of this I have shown the relationship with the Kabalah, which is the core of Jewish mysticism, the Kabalah is also another way of looking at the 78 cards of the Tarot.  Metatrons cube will perfectly super impose on a flower of life, so really, it is a map of the human mind and body (as the platonic solids make up our physical body and the Tarot is actually a map of our psyche ).  Along the top of the bottle I have wrapped the symbols for Virgo, Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Capricorn.”

metatrons cube, metatron etched on glass, glass metatron


Each water jug is made from glass which is salvaged from a local recycling depot or local health food store.  It is then washed with soap and sterilized with bleach.  Tim’s designs are produced using a poly vinyl resist which is applied to the glass to protect it during the sandblasting process. The etched glass jug is then washed and sterilized again, and ready to ship off to you.

Etched Glass Jugs are $60 and are available here