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Conscious Water provides cost-effective solutions for clean, pure, chemical-free, and contaminant-free drinking water.

Berkey Water Filter Systems

Berkey water filter systems provide the ultimate in waterborne contamination removal. They are used worldwide to set the international standard for water filters used in clean or hostile filtration environments. Berkey water filters reduce the cost of water to .5 cents per litre and 2 cents per gallon.

Water You Can Trust


1-2 Persons

5.7 Litres

1.5 Gallons

Travel Berkey water filter system for water filtration in Canada


1-3 Persons

8.5 Litres

2.25 Gallons

Big Berkey water filter system for water filtration in Canada


3-8 Persons

12.3 Litres

3.25 Gallons

Royal Berkey water filter system for water filtration in Canada


8-20 Persons

17 Litres

4.50 Gallons

Imperial Berkey water filter system for water filtration in Canada


20-100 Persons

22.7 Litres

6 Gallons

Crown Berkey water filter system for water filtration in Canada

“We have been Canada’s number one Berkey Water Filter Distributor since 2011. We are proud to be your authorized Berkey Dealer, bringing you safe, health-giving drinking water in virtually any circumstance.

We all need clean, purified water for optimum health and to reach our highest potential.

That is how and why Conscious Water evolved. We are providing a constant, reliable, pure water source free from chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, free from pesticide and herbicide toxic runoff, without the need for electricity or water pressure.”

Scott Miller – FOUNDER

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Sarah G
Sarah G
00:54 26 Sep 23
I love dealing with Scott. He always replies to my emails very quickly, and product gets shipped quickly as well.
Zhao YuanLu
Zhao YuanLu
22:17 25 Sep 23
For this purchase, I am very happy! Because this system has solved a problem we have had in our family for years, and his service is excellent and highly recommended!
22:25 23 Sep 23
Orders are filler fast and any issues are solved immediately! I recommend the Berkey System and Conscious Water store for their service!



Growing number of Canadian Berkey Water Filter customers.


and Growing

Growing number of plastic bottles saved by our Berkey Water Filters in Canada.


Plastic Bottles Diverted From Landfills Daily

Conscious Water Makes Annual Contributions to the Following Charities:

We make contributions to Berkey Water Filter related charities in Canada like Water First.
We donate money every year to My Environmental Defence and other Berkey Water Filter related non profits in Canada.
We make yearly donations to Berkey Water Filter related not for profit groups in Canada like Blue Mountain water trust.
We make contributions to My Friend's House and other Berkey Water Filter related charities in Canada.

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Why Berkey Water Filters?

Open field with green grass and a healthy tree thanks to plastic saved form landfills by Berkey water filters.


Berkey Water Filters are the sustainable and environmental choice for purified water solutions. Berkey’s require eliminate the need for plastic non-reusable water bottles or 18L plastic jugs. Berkey’s carbon-based filters have an extremely long filter life.


Feel safe and secure knowing your family is drinking water that is free of contaminants, viruses and toxins. Black Berkey® Elements addresses over 200+ potential contaminants in freshwater sources.

A. mom giving her daughter a glass of clear filtered water.
A Berkey water filter sitting on a clean counter.


Made of highly-polished AISI 304 stainless steel, the Berkey Water Filter housing is built to last for multiple generations – and it looks great on your counter too!


Enjoy a cost-effective and inexpensive way to drink purified water. At 2 cents per gallon, Berkey® purifiers are an exceptional long-term value.

A woman drinking a glass of clean water filtered by Berkeys.
Someone pouring a glass of clean water filtered by gravity fed water filters.


Berkey Water Filters are gravity fed, so they work even when the power goes out. They’re easy to operate, light and portable – take them anywhere you go.

Graphic showing that we are a Berkey Water Filter Canada authorized dealer.

We Are An Authorized Berkey Water Filter Dealer

Don’t get fooled by unauthorized vendors selling defective or fake products. We are an authorized dealer of Berkey filters approved by Berkey Water Systems.

Why Conscious Water?

In business since 2011

We are clean-water enthusiasts and an authorized Berkey Dealer for over 20 years.

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With over 200 reviews on our Google Business Profile, we’ve still maintained a perfect 5-star rating. We love you too!

Heart-centred business

We do this because we care. We care about you, your health and your community. We give back as much as we can to organizations that make a positive impact in the world.

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