Salt Free Water Softener Canada

A Saltless Water Softener?  Really?


With a Proven 30 year history.

Made in Canada.

Over 20,000 happy customers.  120 Day Trail Offer.

Designed to Last a Lifetime and includes a 10 year parts and labor warranty.

Powered by water pressure!  And the best part… No more buying and transporting bags of salt!

Works very well with a Berkey Water Purifier as the Black Berkey elements cannot remove salt and the salt will damage them.

Call Brian for more information: 1-800-667-SOFT (7638) and please tell him I referred you.  


The Basics:

Uses less water than a conventional salt water softener. Better for the environment : )

Powered by your water pressure, no electricity required, no operating expenses!

Less soap used, skin and hair feel and look better.

Less corrosion of water heater and less energy used due to less scale on the heating element.

No back flushing.

No more buying and transporting bags of salt. (Yes we said it twice because this is awesome!)



Salt softeners need replacement every 8-12 years.

Many customers have been using this salt-free water softener for over 25 years now.


Most Common Feedback From Customers:

“My skin is much better, my eczema has cleared up.”

“We used to have dry flaky skin, this has disappeared. Shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish soap consumption have all decreased… our taps remain spotless.”

“Our clothes dryer finishes faster.” (This is due to less water tension, the water literally slides off your clothes easier.)

“We immediately noticed the difference in the feel… ‘squeaky-clean’ instead of ‘slimy-clean’!”

“I can’t imagine why anyone would want to pollute the environment and lug heavy bags of salt downstairs.”


How does it work?

The CATALYTIC 1000 Salt-Free Water Softener converts dissolved calcium into calcite – an internationally recognized environment-friendly water softening agent.

How does it produce calcite?

The water is vaporized by running it through a vacuum chamber. This allows the system to split the minerals away from their CO2. Then the dissolved minerals are grouped on the surface of a catalytic bar billions of times per second and released back into the water in suspension. Once they are in suspension they have lost their scaling property (won’t stick to things) and won’t interfere with cleaning products.



Why is this better than a Salt Water Softener?

A salt water softener introduces high levels of sodium into your tap water.  Bad for your health, bad for the environment.

Doctors now warn that the sodium absorbed, when bathing and showering in salt softened water, contributes to high blood pressure.

Besides its unpleasant taste, salt-softened water can be harmful if you have heart or kidney disease, or if you are on a sodium restricted diet. In the salt water softening process, calcium bicarbonate, a naturally occurring chemical compound that makes water “hard,” is exchanged for sodium.

A salt water softener introduces a corrosive property into tap water that will shorten the life of water heaters.

Salt softeners may become a breeding ground for bacteria.

190 Liters (50 gallons) of water is used, on average, per back flush. You have to pay for that water, and pay for the waste water.

The American Heart Association states, “people on salt restricted diets should avoid home softeners or make sure the ones they install don’t use sodium.” Studies also indicate salt-softened water dissolves lead from solder in plumbing. That translates…..when bathing in salt-softened water there may be absorption of toxic lead (along with the sodium), according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Institute of Technology.

Peter Censky, past Executive Director of the Water Quality Association, stated,”Now I’m going to make some predictions about the water industry… actually, most don’t even qualify as predictions – they are already happening. Clock-timer water softeners for household use will cease to be sold. The ecology movement will drive them out of water poor states, and water rich states as well.”

GSW is one of the largest manufacturer of water heaters in Canada.  They state, “The use of water softeners in hard water areas and even moderately soft water areas is becoming a common occurrence. This practice has a potentially detrimental effect on the performance of the anode in the water heater which can cause a reduction in the life of the water heater.


The CATALYTIC 1000 Salt-Free Water Softener has overcome these concerns… without any operating expenses!


The Details:

If your water is potable (safe to drink), tasteless and clear, no pre-filter is required.

Special water problems may require additional purification products or filtration systems.

The CATALYTIC 1000 Salt-Free Water Softener


Works very well with a Berkey Water Purifier as the Black Berkey elements cannot remove salt and the salt will damage them.

Call Brian for more information: 1-800-667-SOFT (7638) and please tell him I referred you.  Enjoy!  They are fantastic.