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Beyond removing chlorine, Berkey shower filters remove many of the pollutants that can cause skin problems.  With the removal of hydrogen sulfide, scale, and iron oxide (rust water), dry skin and damaging effects on hair and scalp dryness are reduced.

Berkey Shower Filter FAQ

How much chlorine is removed by the Berkey Shower Filter™?
At the beginning of the filter’s use, it can convert free chlorine at up to 95%. By the end of the filter’s one-year lifespan, the reduction is reduced to between 50% and 75%. For product specifications, please click here. Order your Berkey Shower Filter today.

Does the Berkey Shower Filter™ remove lead and heavy metals?
The Berkey Shower Filter does not remove lead or heavy metals. It does reduce free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, scale and iron oxide (rust water) and eliminates dirt and odors. It also effectively reduces damage to hair and skin.

What is the maximum PSI that the Berkey Shower Filter™ can withstand?
60 PSI is the maximum amount of pressure a Berkey Shower Filter can withstand.

What is the maximum water temperature at which the shower filter should be used?
The Berkey Shower Filter’s maximum operating temperature is rated at 120°F. However in order to avoid scalding in the shower, we recommend the temperature not exceed 110°F.

Can the Berkey Shower Filters be used intermittently or do they stop working after drying out?
The Berkey Shower Filter testing is based on continual usage. The process of oxidation occurs once the filter is activated by water and thus will lose its filtering capability over time. If your shower filter has not been used in a few months, we recommend that it be replaced.

What is the size of the thread on the Berkey Shower Filter™ ?
The thread size is a half inch (NPT). This stands for National Pipe Thread.

The Berkey Shower Filter™:

  • Reduce free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, scale, and iron oxide (rust water) and eliminates dirt and odors
  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapour inhalation
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Effective for both hot and cold water
  • Bacteriostatic (self-sterilizing) media, inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi
  • Back flush attachment included
  • Reduces lime, scale, mold, and fungi in showers
  • Lasts 75,000 liters (25,000 gallons), or one year whichever comes first
  • The thread size is a half inch (NPT). This stands for National Pipe Thread.

Notice of Limitations:

  • The shower dechlorinator is designed for potable water systems.
  • If adding the filter only, your existing shower head must be an energy saving model with restricted water flow to <9.5 liters per minute.  This is necessary for the filter to work properly.
  • Do not allow to freeze or use with water over 48 degrees C, (120 F).
  • Maximum water pressure should not exceed 100 psi.
  • Do not use in high iron content water systems that use chemicals such as polyphosphates.
  • The shower dechlorinator is not to be used for drinking purposes.

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7 reviews for Berkey Shower Filter

  1. Kathy

    I have the Berkey drinking water filter and wanted to try the Berkey KDF 55 shower filter. I am very happy with it. After my shower I could brush through my hair without any detangler and when it dried my hair was soft and not as corse like it usually is. My sister also has the shower filter and loves it. It helped with her hair and the kids’. When the kids take a shower after swimming it rinses all the chlorine out and she can brush throught their hair easy as of before she could not. She also said the shower doors are always clean and clear with no lime/ water spots. All together – it’s great!”

  2. Mariella

    I live in NYC and my water smells like it has a lot of chlorine. I bought this filter hoping this would help and it made a world of difference. My skin isn’t drying out so quickly anymore and my hair is actually softer and fuller.

  3. Sean MacKinnon

    I never liked the idea of inhaling and absorbing chlorine so when I encountered this fliter while shopping for a Big Berkey, I thought I would give it a try. It hardly reduced the water flow rate at all and completely removes the chlorine smell of the showers. Simple installation too! Furthermore, it adds to my whole house filtration approach. My only warning is that to have a bath with the filtered water takes a lot longer to fill the tub using the shower nozzle!

  4. Artur Jany

    We received our new shower filter a few weeks ago, and the very
    first noticeable difference was softer skin! I have also been using less shampoo
    and conditioner, and the awful chlorine smell has gone away. This filter
    was easy to install, and we are happy with the very reasonable price.

  5. Robin Hartt

    Are there replacement filters?

  6. Angie Breitkreitz

    Our well water is high in sodium ( 550ppm) will the Berkey filters need replacement more often?

  7. Conscious Water

    Angie, my apologies on the delay, somehow this comment did not come through my notification system until now. The sodium will not affect your Berkey Shower Filter. It will however shorten the life of the Black Berkey elements and they do not remove Sodium. I hope this helps!

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