Berkey Sight Glass Spigots

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Berkey Sight Glass Spigots:

  • Makes life easier and prevents overflows by allowing instant viewing of the water level in the lower reservoir of your Berkey
  • The nylon spigot (BPA free) has a larger diameter than the standard spigot which allows water to flow faster
  • The glass tube is partially encased in stainless steel, therefore strong and durable
  • Available in 3 sizes:
  • 1)  The smallest of the three is 19.1 cms (7.5 inches) tall and is designed for use with the Travel Berkey and Big Berkey
  • 2)  The middle sized sight glass spigot is 25.4 cms (10 inches) tall and is designed for use with the Royal Berkey and Imperial Berkey
  • 3)  The largest is 33 cms (13 inches) tall and is designed for use with the Crown Berkey


4 reviews for Berkey Sight Glass Spigots

  1. Ryan McMiller

    I am so glad I ordered a glass spigot. I live an active lifestyle and need to have water available. The glass spigot makes it easy to spot when we need a refill; very convenient!

  2. Ken Pepperdine

    It was an easy install and prevents having to lift the lid to check the level, we’re pleased.

  3. Gisele

    After ordering the Royal Berkey last summer, we found that we were never sure where we were at with the water level. I suggested handles would be helpful on the top to enable easier checking . Scott suggested the sight spigot and it works very well. If you just remember to fill the top with as much water as you are draining into the water container you are filling (for the fridge or???) you will always be ok but not everyone remembers. The spigot will likely last the lifetime of the Berkey and so I think it is money well spent. There is really nothing that I can see that could or should go wrong with this system (apart from possibly replacing the rubber washers and of course eventually replacing the filters).

  4. Claire W

    I’m glad we bought the glass spigot with the Big Berkey. Now we know how much water is in the tank and don’t have to worry about when is the best time to refill, or over-flowing! Excellent purchase.

    Claire W


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