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Sport Berkey Overview

The Sport Berkey is the ideal Water Bottle With Filter.  It is a personal protection traveling companion – featuring the “Ionic adsorption micro filtration system”.  The theory behind this innovation is simple. The bottle’s filter is designed to remove and/or dramatically reduce a vast array of health-threatening contaminants from questionable sources of water, including remote lakes and streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries where regulations may be sub-standard at best.  Excellent as a travel, camping and emergency water filter.


Sport Berkey Product Specifications

  • Sport Berkey Water Bottle
  • Filter and Drink any freshwater source safely.  Yes, even creek, pond or questionable tap water!
  • BPA Free!  Bottle is constructed from a safe, non-leaching, LDPE #4 medical grade polymer, which is BPA Free.
  • The Sport Berkey Portable Water Filter utilizes Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration.  This advanced technology was developed, refined, and proven through diligent investigative research and testing performed by water purification specialists researchers and engineers.
  • Awesome for travelling, camping, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, anytime… Buy a filter, don’t be a filter.
  • Removes Cryptosporidium, Giardia ‘Beaver Fever’, E-coli >99.99999% and other pathogenic bacteria.
  • Removes or drastically reduces chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, toxic chemicals, chlorides, petroleum based products, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, VOC’s, pesticides and herbicides, radiologicals, unpleasant tastes and odours, silt and sediment.
  • Volume = 700ml (23.6 fl oz)
  • Municipal water: filter up to 640 refill
  • Any freshwater source: filter up to 160 refills
  • See the Sport Berkey Lab Test Results Here.  Uses the same filtration medium as the larger Black Berkey Purification Element
  • Health/Wellness and a Survival tool in one!
  • Keep your bottle for years!  Replace only the filter element.
  • Complete description here:
  • Sport Berkey Water Bottle With Filter
  • Usage and Maintenance Instructions
  • See the Sport Berkey Lab Test Results Here


  • When drinking from your Sport Berkey, it is best to squeeze the bottle and suck through the straw at the same time to achieve the best flow rate.  The flow rate is slower than drinking from a normal water bottle as your water filters as you drink.
  • Do not store filled bottle on its side or upside down as the air release valve in the cap can leak water.
  • Do not allow your Sport Berkey Bottle to freeze, do not place in microwave oven, and do not run hot water through the filter.
  • Will not purify ocean water and not intended for consistent use with salt-softened water.

Sport Berkey FAQ

How do I clean the bottle of my Sport Berkey® Portable Water Filter?
The Sport Berkey® Portable Water Filter has a shelf life of 50 years. When the filter system will not be used for an extended period, remove filter and fill the unit with either chlorinated bleach of 1/4 tsp. per one half gallon of water, or a 50/50 mix of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Rinse. Allow parts to dry thoroughly with cap removed. Re-assemble and seal in an air tight container if possible. Do not allow filter to freeze, do not place in microwave oven and do not run hot water through the filter. We recommend that the bleach used, not be scented or in any other way enhanced. If you are not aware, many bleaches today come with “other things” in them to provide a nice smell, etc. We don’t recommend these types of bleaches.

What is the capacity of the Sport Berkey®?
The capacity of the Sport Berkey® is 650 mls (22 oz). and the bottle will efficiently filter 160 refills of raw untreated water and 640 refills of municipally treated water. Always use the cleanest source water possible as the dirtier the water, the quicker the filter element will become clogged.

Can I clean the filter in my Sport Berkey® filtration bottle?
The Sport Berkey® filter is not cleanable. Replacement filters are available on this product page, see above.

What is the plastic composition of the Sport Berkey® components (bottle, cap & straw)?
The bottle is constructed from a non-leaching, LDPE #4 medical grade polymer, which is BPA Free. The cap is FDA HDPE and the straw is FDA PolyPro. Please note that the number imprinted on the bottom of the Sport Berkey® refers to a lot number and is not a recycle code.

Why do your instructions say : “Do not allow filter to freeze?”
We strongly advise against freezing your elements as a general rule of caution. We also advise against storing the elements (even unused) in sub-freezing climates. The concern with freezing the elements is that any cold or freezing water will expand inside in the element, thereby increasing the pore size and ruining the element. Whether the elements are unused or used and fully dried out, a small amount of moisture could still exist inside the element, especially in predominately humid climates. This moisture could expand inside the element and render them unusable. Please note that this recommendation applies to ALL our Berkey® elements, including the Sport Berkey® water filter bottle element. Freezing your element and rendering it unusable will also void your warranty coverage.

What is the maximum temperature that the Sport Berkey® can be stored at?
The maximum amount of heat the Sport Berkey® can withstand is 46.11 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit).

Can I filter boiling water through the Sport Berkey® for making hot tea?
Hot water can break down the element and compromise its efficiency, so we recommend that you first filter the source water through the Sport Berkey® then afterward boil the filtered water for your tea.

How do I remove mold and mildew from the straw in the Sport Berkey®?
This can occur on occasion. Typically, it means that the top & straw (and bottle) are in need of a good soapy cleaning. Follow standard cleaning procedures which are on the instructions that come with each bottle. In some cases, it may be necessary to soak the top/straw for a bit before cleaning, or use a fine brush in the straw. Typically soaking in soapy water or vinegar water takes care of any build-up inside the top/straw. Rinse thoroughly. Again, it is important to periodically clean the bottle, top & straw to help keep this from occurring in the future.

Sport Berkey Lab Results

Click here to view the Sport Berkey lab results (PDF)

Additional information

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Dimensions35 × 23 × 8 cm

24 reviews for Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter

  1. Christina W.

    Ordered and received 2 sport berkeys. Had a little problem with one unit. Called Scott back. He gave some tips that might solve the problem. That didn’t work. Called Scott back, he gave me the simple routine to have a new one on it’s way. Impressed with the berkeys but equally so I am impressed with the service. New berkey showed up in a couple of days. Thanks Scott.

  2. Fred

    Great water taste! I highly suggest it. Cheaper than similar product from other companies I looked for.

  3. Lindsay Catling

    Hey Scott!
    So, I used the Sport Berkey the whole time while I was in Orlando and the water it provided was definitely delicious! For some reason Orlando water is veryyy sulphur-y but with the bottle that taste and smell was completely eliminated – YAY.

  4. Kate

    Purchased this bottle to take with me to all the sporting functions I play in through out the year eg. squash , baseball. tennis tournaments. Not sure of the water quality at some locations so rather than carry 5-6 water bottles with me thought I would try it. Found it very hard to drink from. After a squash game, usually huffing and puffing and this bottle requires quite a bit of effort to suck up through the filter into the straw. Was not getting enough water fast enough. Will go back to filling my water bottles with my Berkey water. However looking forward to taking this bottle on vacation in Mexico.

  5. Vicki Petras

    I just purchased one of these as a Christmas gift for a relative who is interested in preparedness. This will be a great addition to her arsenal of ‘bug out’ supplies. It will also come in handy for her long walks with her dogs in remote nature trails where replenishing her drinking supply could be an issue. I received shipment of it promptly. As an owner of both a Big Berkey and a Travel Berkey, for several years, I have full confidence that this item will be as reliable, effective and convenient as my own. I was pleased with all aspects of this item when I inspected it upon receipt of shipment.

  6. Tim Larkin

    My partner and I have fell in love with hiking and camping in the back county this past summer. We went on a 2 day trip with some friends and really put these water bottles to the test. It was so nice to not have to carry water with you, we would empty our bottles until we reached a lake or creek, drink our fill. and then empty them again. Needless to say our friends were quite jealous!

  7. Marie

    Purchased four Sport Berkey’s to use when camping and traveling, but find myself using them everyday at the gym and at yoga classes. Very easy to use and practical. Would highly recommend this product.

  8. roccocal

    Steve Cooper
    Purchased 2–active family goes for long hikes, runs and camping trips. Perfect item to bring along to save weight and to ensure you always can get clean water when you need it. A must for active families. Good size bottle. I like the circle hook at top for hanging and how it hides the straw. Easy to use and more important tasty safe clean water!!

  9. Gisele

    After purchasing the Royal Berkey earlier this summer, I ordered two Sport Berkey’s this fall – one for my son for his birthday and one for myself. I swiped a couple of spoonfuls of the alkalizing stones from my Royal Berkey and now feel confident that I am drinking healthy alkaline water even when I am not at home. I have rosacea and have just recently discovered that rosacea is caused (or at least enhanced) by an acidic imbalance in the system. I am hopeful that drinking only alkaline water will help to restore the proper balance in my system and help to lessen the symptoms that affect me. I too found that priming the filter was difficult so I resorted to sucking the water out of the filter for the first time and then spitting it into the sink. It may not have been pretty but it worked!!! I will likely be ordering more Sport Berkey’s in the future as gifts. At $55.00 (including a spare filter) it is a very affordable and practical gift for anyone.

  10. Kassandra Wilkey

    We bought two of these back in January when we travelled down south. Recently my brother who is in the Military told me about how he had been in the bush for 2 days without safe drinking water. Immediately I said to him, “I have the solution so that never happens to you again!” and I handed him one of our Sport Berkey water bottles. I said find a stream and fill it up! He was so happy to receive that gift that I know he would agree on a 5 star rating. Now I just need to get another one for my husband!
    A necessity for camping, hiking, travelling and I realized for all military personal too!

  11. Ken Hall

    Since we can’t take our Imperial Berkey on the road,everyone in the family now has a
    sport Berkey. The same great tasting water where ever we go and no plastic bottles.
    Makes a great gift to introduce family and friends to the Berkey filter system.
    This is good news you should spread!

  12. David Hooper

    We went through the bottled wate phase, then the bring water from home in a thermos to work phase, and finally we found a portable water bottle that filters water whereever we are. I take mine to school and fill it from the tap in my classroom and know I am enjoying water that quenches my thirst and hydrates me. Great product. When we travel it comes with us in the car as well.

  13. Andrea

    Once I discovered how much I LOVED our Big Berkey, it was a no-brainer to purchase a Berkey water bottle for the times when we were away from home. It has been fabulous – it’s such a great feeling to know that we are drinking good quality water. Our Sport Berkey Water Bottle is one of the first things I pack every time that we are taking a trip into the city, or traveling!

  14. Ian Jones

    Great for travelling on the road, especially once you are spoiled with using the Berkey at home! Highly recommended!

  15. Jordan Temple

    I loved my first Berkey sport water bottle so much that I went and purchase 4 more to give out as presents for my family. When you look at the other filtered water bottles available and factor in cost, effectiveness and life expectancy plus how easy it is to set up and use. The Berkey stands out as an exceptional value.

  16. Nathan

    I have been looking for a travel water filter bottle for a couple years now and the Berkey is definitely the one to get, I use it around Ontario lakes and rivers when hiking and biking as well as when traveling out of the Country, I have frequently frank from lakes, and rivers with this and have never had an issue, in fact the water tastes great!

  17. H. Fischer

    Finally a product that any hiker/outdoors person would love to have – X-mas is coming so order a few. Any water source becomes drinkable – a highly desirable option when out in the bush . The only reason I did not give it a 5 star rating is that you do have to squeeze the water bottle quite firmly to force the liquid through the filter.

  18. Danielle Groves

    We purcahsed this bottle for our honeymoon in Algonquin and fell in love with it instantly!! The price-point was excellent but the best part was being able to just dip the bottle into any lake or pond we were canoeing through and be drinking the most delicious, fresh water. We one day hope to purchase a bigger Berkey for our house and family cottage!

  19. Jason

    Great use for emergency situations, and confident that this bottle will save lives of me and my close friends and family if the time comes. A good product to carry on your person when going to ANYWHERE with unreliable water sources, or traveling to places where you can’t get great quality water. I ordered this product and will probably get more just to stock as backups.

    The only reason I didn’t give. 5 stars is because the actual bottle (not the filter aspect) doesn’t seem to be the greatest – when I am squeezing the bottle, there tends to be some leakage from the top. I have tried closing the lid tighter but the problem still persists. This may just be my particular bottle, hopefully the next one I get will not have the same issue.

  20. Ian Jones

    Hi Scott.

    I just want to say thank you for the prompt and courteous service we received from you. Your online service showed great attention to detail and we appreciated the personal email replies.

    To complement our Imperial Berkey (Best purchase we made all year!), we decided to get a filtering shower head and ‘Sport’ Berkey. We immediately noticed an improvement in the water quality of the shower, and feel noticeably better after each use. Since I am on the road often, I am happy to have access to the better tasting and healthier water the Berkey systems offer while travelling. Going through airport security is a breeze, as the water can be filled up afterwards, avoiding the ‘liquids and gels’ restriction. By using this instead of buying water at the gate, the bottle paid for itself after a few trips.

    Thanks again for all your help,

    Ian Jones
    Barrie, ON

  21. Cathy Mines

    Fantastic to travel with my Sport Berkey! I was in and out of some places where the water was suspect to say the least, and I didn’t worry at all. The only problem I had was everyone that got tuned into my bottle wanted to drink out of it!
    Awesome product, fresh yummy water, and I’m taking my Berkey off to Guatemala in a month!
    All the best for a great day in health,

  22. Stephanie Miller

    We are avid paddlers and our family just used Berkey Sport water bottles for the first time this summer. This was our first trip where I can honestly say that we were Well Hydrated- and as a result, WAY less grumpy and WAY more energized all day long. Any time of day on this trip – we would simply fill our bottles in the river and drink until we were satiated. It was wonderful! Our 2 daughters (age 3 and 5) loved to dip the Berkey into fun places along our trip and would heartily “drink the rapid” or “drink the waterfall” or “drink beside the beaver dam” (gasp!!)- this was a great way to keep them drinking!! We will definitely use the Berkey Sport Bottles on all future canoe trips. In fact, we will use these bottles ANYTIME we are camping or playing near water!

  23. Karli Craig

    My husband and I gave birth to our first child, a baby girl, on April 17th and it was such an amazing experience. We packed our Berkey Sport water bottle in our hospital bag and we can’t tell you how useful it was during the labour and our stay in the hospital. Wonderfully pure water, super convenient, easy to carry, does not leak and yes, Easy! We recommend to all and continue to use ours daily.

  24. Kassandra Wilkey

    The Berkey Sport Water Bottle has made me feel so much better about traveling outside Canada with my children. I feel confident that I will have pure filtered water wherever we are which is a huge relief traveling with kids!! Their health and safety is the most important and you have given me peace of mind with your products!!

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