Berkey Water Filter Sale ~ Berkey Scratch And Dent Sale

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Berkey Water Filter Sale ~ Berkey Scratch And Dent Sale!

  • Occasionally we receive Berkey Water Purifiers from the manufacturer that arrive with superficial scratches and/or dents.  Instead of sending these back and the un-necessary carbon footprint of that process, we have decided to offer them to you at a sweet discount.  $20 OFF each Scratch and Dent model!
  • You can see examples of the scratches and/or dents in the pictures on the left.
  • These units are all 100% operational, come with 2 brand new Black Berkey purification elements, related blocking plugs, and standard spigot.  The integrity of the unit has not been compromised in any other way.
  • These systems carry the full manufacturer warranty for materials and workmanship defects.  They cannot be returned or exchanged for cosmetic or any other reason.
  • Scratch and Dent models are not eligible for any other discounts or special offers.
  • We highly recommend the Black Berkey Primer to make the cleaning and priming process more efficient and thorough.
  • Full product info on each model and their options:

1 review for Berkey Water Filter Sale ~ Berkey Scratch And Dent Sale

  1. Paul Carrier

    Hey Scott,

    Loving the new water! I don’t feel like I’m drinking from a pool anymore.

    Thanks for the chocolate too, it was delicious ; )


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