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Purify any freshwater source!

The Big Berkey holds 8.5 L (2.25 G) of water. Great for families of four. Dimensions: Height (assembled): 49 cm (19.25″), Diameter: 22 cm (8.5″).

Your Berkey includes:

  • Upper and Lower Stainless Steel Chambers
  • 1 Stainless Steel Lid
  • 1 Prime Rite™ Universal Primer
  • 1 Anti-Airlock Clip
  • 2 vials of Red Dye to test your filters
  • 1 free spare wingnut and 1 free spare blocking plug
  • 2 Black Berkey purification elements
  • 1 priming washer
  • 2 blocking plugs
  • 1 BPA free nylon spigot
  • home and backcountry instructions

Included Black Berkey Purification elements last for 22,700 Liters (6,000 Gallons) as a pair, are cleanable, and self-sterilizing. For most families this works out to a 5-6 year lifespan.

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Big Berkey Product Overview

The versatile Big Berkey water filter is the ideal system for use at home with small or medium-sized families, travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies. It’s a Health, Wellness, and a Survival tool in one.The Big Berkey water filter purifies any freshwater source, including both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. Big Berkey water filters are perfect for everyday use, outdoor activities and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

Big Berkey Water Filter Specs

  • Included Black Berkey Purification elements last for 22,700 Liters (6,000 Gallons) as a pair, are cleanable, and self-sterilizing. For most families, this works out to a 5-6 year lifespan.
  • Holds 8 L (2.1 G) of water
  • Purifies 13 L (3.5 G)/hour with 2 Black Berkey Elements when the upper chamber is full. As the water level in the upper chamber declines, the purification rate slows due to less pressure on the elements.
  • Purifies 26 L (7 G)/hour with 4 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full)
  • Height while in use:  49 cms (19.25″), Diameter:  22 cms (8.5″)
  • Packed height (upper reservoir slides into lower):  33cms (13″)
  • Weight when empty:  3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)

Lab Results

This system comes with two Black Berkey® Purification Elements which have undergone Independent 3rd Party Laboratory Tests.IMPORTANT TO NOTE:


I understand that the media used within the Berkey PF-2™ elements is activated alumina. Is that the same thing as aluminum?

Our PF-2 filters reduce fluoride and arsenic in your water using the media aluminum oxide (aka activated alumina). As a consumer, it’s important to know that pure aluminum and aluminum oxide have vastly different characteristics. Pure aluminum is water-soluble, it is highly reactive and it is associated with negative health effects. By contrast aluminum oxide is not water-soluble; it is inert, is very stable and is not associated with negative health effects. To learn more about aluminum oxide and separate fact from fiction, click here. To view independent lab results, click here.

How do I transport my Berkey system?

Prior to transporting or moving any Berkey® system, the Black Berkey® Purification Elements must first be removed. Failure to remove the elements from the system can result in broken stems. Place the elements in secure and water-tight packaging. The top and bottom of the stainless steel systems nest within each other for easy transport (remove spigot from the lower chamber).

Please note: Failure to remove the elements from the system can result in broken stems. This is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the most convenient method for filling up the upper chamber of my system with water?

Most people use a pitcher to pour water into the upper chamber; however, if you have a spray hose on your sink, using it to refill the system is a very convenient method.

How should I clean my stainless steel chambers?

Follow these two steps:

Wash lower chamber once per month with soapy dishwater.
In areas with hard water, calcium scale may build up on spigot and chambers after prolonged use. To remove, soak affected part(s) in vinegar or a 50-50% mix of vinegar and water for about 15 minutes. Wipe away calcium scale with a ScotchBrite pad or soft brush then wash with soapy dishwater and rinse.

I want to be extra safe. What can I do to disinfect the water before filtering it?

The Berkey water purification systems can efficiently purify raw untreated pond, lake and river water. However, always use the cleanest and clearest water possible. As an additional precaution, if using a source of water that you believe might contain extreme viral and bacteriological contamination, it is recommended by the CDC, EPA and other organizations that approximately sixteen drops of plain bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or iodine per gallon be added to treat the source water before purifying. This should kill minute pathogens such as viruses, within 30 minutes. The disinfectant will be removed from the treated water entirely with the Berkey system, including any odor or taste.

For more information about disinfecting water, please reference the following links. or

How do I collect a water sample?

When testing a water sample, we recommend using this standard testing protocol.

What type of steel is used for the housing of Berkey® systems?

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. uses only the highest quality, highly polished AISI 304 grade stainless steel, known for its high corrosion and heat-resistant properties, in our Berkey® Water systems. It is equivalent to high quality 18/8 stainless steel cookware.

When I boil or freeze water from my Berkey® system I see white floating things in the water. What is this?

This is an issue that mostly occurs with hard (heavily mineralized) water. The healthiest water has a higher PH level because it has less acidity. When the PH level of the purified water is raised, the acidity of the water goes down and the water is no longer able to hold as many minerals in solution.  When this happens the minerals begin to precipitate out over time and,  depending on the mineral composition,  they will either sink to the bottom or float to the top.  This process is known as flocculation and the precipitated minerals are usually referred to as “white floaters”.  The bottom line is that this is nothing to be concerned about. The white floaters are minerals that were already in your water; they are now simply visible whereas they were previously invisible due to their suspension in an ionic form.

The water in the upper chamber of my Berkey system does not drain all the way. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal and not unusual for the last 1.3 cm. to 2.5 cm. of water to remain in the upper chamber. By design, the water must pass through very fine micropores within the elements in order to pass from the upper chamber to the lower. The lower the water level in the upper chamber, the lower the pressure available to force the water through the micropores. You may have noticed that the system purifies much faster when full than when half full. That’s because there is more water pressure. The only way to remedy this problem would be to enlarge the pores of the filter elements. This would, of course, reduce the efficiency of the Berkey purification system. During each cycle, the water left from the previous cycle mixes with the water from the current cycle and is then purified. There is no need to be concerned about excess water during normal use. Should you, however, discontinue using your filter for a period of time such as during a vacation, it would be best to empty both chambers before departing and leave them upside down to dry on the dish rack.

How Important is Having Potable Water During an Emergency?

Star Advertiser uploaded an excellent article detailing the necessity of having clean water in the wake of natural disasters.  We definitely giving it a read to know the best ways to be prepared for a lack of clean water.

What is the TDS reading of the purified water?

A TDS meter does not register much of a change between the pre-filtered water and the post-filtered water. This is normal, and the answer has to do with what a TDS meter actually measures.  According to, “Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems and affects everything that consumes, lives in, or uses water, whether organic or inorganic, whether for better or for worse.”

This statement is both correct and incorrect.  It is correct in what a TDS measurement consists of, namely the “total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water”. It is incorrect in its conclusion that TDS is related to the purity of the water and the quality of the water purification system.  If the measure of a water purification system was how close it could make water to pure H2O, then maybe it would be correct. But, people need minerals to live. Thus, helpful minerals in your water are actually a good thing.  A quality water purification system should filter out things that are harmful to your body but leave in helpful things such as minerals. Black Berkey elements are designed to leave healthful and beneficial minerals in your water and to extract the unwanted heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as sedimentary minerals such as iron oxide and aluminum.

So, when our customers use a TDS meter, what they find is that the reading both before and after the water has gone through the Black Berkey elements about the same.  And they are correct. The Black Berkey elements do not take out all of the beneficial minerals.  Thus, of the things that a TDS meter will actually detect, the Black Berkey elements will only remove the unwanted heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as sedimentary minerals such as iron oxide and aluminum.  Therefore, your TDS reading will not change much unless you have a significant amount of heavy metals or sedimentary minerals in your water.

A TDS meter does not measure the amount of biological and chemical contaminants. The important thing is to not simply rely on a TDS meter for your measure of whether your water is good. You can have low TDS count water that has harmful bacteria in it. You can have high TDS count water that is perfectly safe (e.g. – pure, unpolluted ocean saltwater…albeit, you wouldn’t drink it, but that’s only because the mineral is salt). Thus, make sure you know what your TDS meter is actually telling you.

How should I store my Black Berkey® Purification Elements and how long is their shelf-life?

If you have used your elements:
The method of storage  depends upon the length of time that the Black Berkey® Purification Elements will not be used:

If the filters will not be used between 4 to 15 days and you want to avoid the re-priming process, remove the filters  from the system, place them into a sealable sandwich bag or container and place the filters in the refrigerator towards the front to ensure that they do not freeze. This will allow the filters to stay mostly saturated so that re-priming is not typically necessary. If for any reason the filters run slower than ususal, re-prime  them until the exterior wall of the filter begins to sweat beads of water for 10 seconds.

For long term storage, we recommend drying and sealing the filters. The key is to ensure they are bone-dry  before storing them long-term, to prevent any potential bacterial growth. One  option for drying your filters is to leave them on a window sill for one to three days and allow them to air-dry. We also offer a tool to assist in both priming and purging. This tool is called a Black Berkey Primer™. The benefit to purging the Black Berkey® Purification Elements is that they are dried very quickly. Once the filters are bone-dry, place them in a storage bag such as a large, seal-able sandwich bag. The elements are extremely powerful and can absorb odors and smoke from the air. By sealing them in a storage bag, they should not absorb any odors from the air. When you are ready to re-use your filters, clean them by scrubbing the outside with a Scotch-Brite® pad or stiff brush. Then re-prime the filters either manually or with the  Black Berkey Primer™ before putting them back in the system.

If you have never used your elements:
If the elements are unopened and in their original packaging, please ensure you do not store the elements in an area that also has strong smells to them, such as a laundry room or garage. The elements have carbon as one of their components so it is possible for them to absorb the odors of the room they are stored in. For example, if they are stored in a laundry room, it is possible for the media in the elements to pick up the odor of highly fragranced items such as powdered laundry soap.
** When storing the chambers of your Berkey® system, it is best to empty both chambers before storing them, because anytime water is still, it becomes stagnant and can produce bacteria. We recommend washing your Berkey® system with soapy water before leaving it to dry.

Do your Black Berkey® Purification Elements remove Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide and pesticide. Glyphosate is primarily released into the environment via runoff water and predominately applied as a spray for agricultural purposes. This contaminant has recently become the topic of discussion because of its association with acute or chronic exposure leading to various potential health issues or concerns. The EPA has extensive information published about Glyphosate, particularly about it being in drinking water. Click here to view basic information about Glyphosate in drinking water. Black Berkey® Purification Elements will reduce Glyphosate in your water by greater than 75%, exceeding the laboratories reporting limits. Please click here to view our Organic Test Results. To purchase a set of Black Berkey® Purification Elements, please click here.

Additional resources for glyphosate can be found through the Environmental Working Group and the National Institutes for Health 

Do the Black Berkey® Purification Elements remove cyanobacteria associated with algae blooms?

Algae blooms are composed of floating colonies of cyanobacteria.
While New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. has not conducted specific testing for cyanobacteria, our expectation is that the reduction of cyanobacteria should occur because:
Cyanobacterial cells range in size from 0.5 micrometers to 40 micrometers.
A “micron” is an abbreviated term for “micrometer”, or a millionth of a meter (1/1,000,000 meters). This is about .00004 inches. For size comparison, a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across. A human hair is about 75 microns across (depending on the person).” *
Working down to a smaller scale… .5-40 microns would be 500-40,000 nanometers in size.
The Black Berkey® Purification Elements can reduce viruses down to the nanometer scale, in the tested range of 24-26 nanometers:
24-26 nanometers is .024 to .026 microns…in other words, much smaller than cyanobacterial cells found in algae blooms.
The fact that Black Berkey® purification elements have been tested to remove viruses to the nanometer range suggests that contaminants much larger in size, such as cyanobacteria, should also be removed. Nevertheless, since NMCL has no specific testing for cyanobacteria, we cannot make any specific claims for cyanobacterial reduction.
NMCL always recommends that you use the cleanest source of water available, whenever possible.

If NMCL’s recent test results show that the Black Berkey® Purification Elements reduce Fluoride, then why do I need the Berkey PF-2™ Post Filter Elements?

NMCL’s most recent laboratory testing indicates that the Black Berkey® Purification Elements will initially reduce Fluoride up to 99.9%. Typically, carbon-based elements that reduce Fluoride begin to lose that ability rather quickly. This may be the case with Black Berkey® Elements as their efficiency at removing Fluoride likely plays out long before the 3,000-gallon life of the element.
There are a number of filters on the market that utilize carbonized bone char (a media that NMCL purposely chooses not to use), and that make claims for Fluoride reduction, without informing their customers that the fluoride removing ability of the filters plays out quickly. The reason this occurs is because it takes a very large amount of media to remove small amounts of Fluoride. Therefore, there is not enough media in such filters to remove Fluoride effectively over the long term. For example, we have testing for a competitor’s 3-filter system that utilizes bone char for their Fluoride removal claims and, as one would expect, those elements become quickly exhausted. Testing shows that their efficiency declines from 100% removal to 81.4% removal after filtering a mere 45 gallons. This is equivalent to only 15 gallons per element required for them to experience a dramatic ~20% decline in efficiency.
This same effect likely occurs with Black Berkey® Elements after a few hundred gallons. For that reason NMCL developed a more durable and longer lasting solution for Fluoride reduction by creating the replaceable Berkey® PF-2™ Fluoride reduction elements. The media in a set of Berkey® PF-2™ elements can reliably remove Fluoride contaminants for up to 1,000 gallons, which is less than the 3,000 gallon life of the Black Berkey® Elements but again, that is why they were designed to be replaceable. This enables the users to reliably remove Fluoride contaminants from their water while taking full advantage of the 3,000 gallon life of their Black Berkey® Elements.
The Black Berkey® Purification Element’s job is to remove a wide variety of potential contaminants, while the Berkey® PF-2™ Post Filter’s job is to remove Fluoride contaminants that the Black Berkey® Purification Elements may begin to miss after extended use.
Actual capacity is dependent on the presence of other competing contaminants in the source water. High levels of arsenic and heavy metals may reduce the capacity and efficiency of these elements.

Comparison of Berkey® Purification to Reverse Osmosis and Distillation

Healthfulness of Reverse Osmosis and Distillation
Based on current research, most health experts are no longer recommending drinking Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water on a long-term basis because these methods strip out all of the beneficial minerals from the water, making the water an acidic “hypotonic” solution. A chemist will tell you that when a hypotonic (de-mineralized) solution comes into contact with a “hypertonic” (mineralized) solution, the minerals within the hypertonic solution will transfer out of hypertonic solution and into the hypotonic solution until equilibrium is achieved. What this simply means is that when one drinks hypotonic water, the minerals in the blood and lymphatic system, which are hypertonic, transfer into the hypotonic Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water that is consumed and the minerals are flushed out of the body upon urination. In an effort to re-mineralize, the blood and lymphatic systems then begin to scavenge for minerals from other parts of the body, such as bones and other organs, and this process repeats itself every time de-mineralized hypotonic water is re-consumed. Several studies suggest that people who drink de-mineralized water (hypotonic) over a long period of time tend to be more prone to degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. Berkey® Purification systems do not remove all of the beneficial minerals from the water, but they do extract harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as sedimentary minerals such as iron oxide. Therefore, the TDS reading will not typically change much unless there are a lot of heavy metals or sedimentary minerals within the source water.
Pathological Removal Capability of a Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse Osmosis does not remove pathogenic bacteria and that is why it is often necessary to add an additional UV light to the system. However, the UV sometimes does not kill all the bacteria because any turbidity in the water can create shaded spots, preventing some bacteria from being exposed. Typically, the UV is installed before the bladder tank; however it is in the bladder tank that bacteria usually colonize. Therefore, if the bladder tank is not sterilized on a regular basis, it becomes a source for bacteriological contamination that is never exposed to UV. Additionally, the carcasses of the dead bacteria remain within the drinking water with a Reverse Osmosis system, whereas they are removed by the Black Berkey® Purification elements.
Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems
While some newer tankless Reverse Osmosis systems have overcome the issue of bacteria colonizing in the bladder tank, these systems have their own set of inherent issues, including:
TDS Creep:  without a flush tank, the initial water coming out can taste horrid, due to increased TDS in the water.
High Failure Rate:  some tankless models have already been removed from the market, due to numerous issues, including high rates of failure.
Noise: depending on the specific model and features, some units are extremely noisy to operate.
Excessive Water Waste:  this is a problem with both standard and tankless Reverse Osmosis systems.
Cost: with multiple membranes being used, the overall cost per gallon, can be even more expensive than older style Reverse Osmosis systems.
Reverse Osmosis systems typically are the most expensive due to the cost of the system and the additional expense to have the system plumbed in. Next in cost would be a Distillation unit. A Berkey® system will typically be the least expensive of the three. With respect to cost per gallon of water, calculated upon the cost per gallon for replacement filters and energy costs, Distillation systems and Reverse Osmosis systems that are properly maintained typically cost between 35-65 cents per gallon. A Berkey® system typically costs about 1.8 cents per gallon.
Reverse Osmosis systems can have up to four filter elements, with each needing to be changed at differing intervals from four months up to two years. This requires that the water pressure be shut off and part or all of the system be disassembled for maintenance. Additionally, the bladder tank should be washed with a chlorine solution at six-month intervals to kill any colonizing bacteria. Distillation systems need to be soaked and cleaned with vinegar solution to remove the scale, typically after each gallon or two. All Berkey® systems are easy to disassemble and clean. Typically the lower chamber should be washed in ordinary dishwater once per month.
Supporting Research

61 reviews for Big Berkey Water Purifier Bundle

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the service you provided. This is the second Berkey I own… it is in perfect condition, given the excellent packaging. That you for the gift kit to test the water quality. I hope this will help people purchase a quality product from your quality company! CHEERS!

  2. Yemma

    I have many autoimmune issues and so the quality of water that I am drinking is of the utmost importance. After a great deal of research I decided that the Berkey system was the right fit. I’ve been using it for just under two years now and absolutely love it. I also love that I am using tap water but able to filter it knowing that things such as fluoride, pathogens and some medications are removed. I also love that I avoid plastic containers! When I had some issues with my black filters, Scott was incredibly helpful and attentive. Wonderful product and excellent customer service!

  3. Robyn Culter

    Scott really stands by his products as I was having some difficulty with one of he black elements.
    I love my Berkey.
    Read and watch the all videos before assembling. That really helped me.
    Thank you Conscious water for the great service!

  4. Dagmar Schoenrock

    I’ve owned my Berkey for almost 5 years now. I love the fact that it’s not tied to my plumbing system, so when I move, I can easily take it with me. I’ve even taken my Berkey to weekend retreats and camps. No matter where I go, I know I can have clean, pure, conscious water! Thank you Scott!

  5. Richard Wiser

    This is the second Berkey we bought from Scott. We’ll probably buy a third in the future. Thanks for all your help.

  6. David Stanley

    We've had our Big Berkey for nearly 10 months and truthfully for the price we paid for it………. so worth it!!! The cost per month is much cheaper and cleaning the system is a breeze. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Scott for all your help when ever I've called……. service is outstanding.

  7. Tanya

    We received our Big Berkey a week ago and we absolutely love it! We live in Toronto and finally decided not to drink fluoride anymore.. I am so excited to share with you that the taste of water is really different , however my husband hasn’t noticed any difference. I am very happy that we can drink more water now without fear. Thank you, Scott for the great service.

  8. Bozena

    Thank You for Big Berkey water filter system.I love it.Conscious Water has very good customer service..very friendly . Thank You for Your help Scott..

  9. Patrice

    Just received my Big Berkey this morning. WOW ! This filtration system is really awesome.
    Living in Northern Quebec, I always carry a compact water filtration unit about everywhere I go when I trek in the backcountry for a few days.
    Ran tests this morning and compared the Berkey with my Katadyn Hiker Pro ( I have used this unit for a couple of years and is a trusted professional survival tool ).
    Well, Berkey came out a winner WAY AHEAD + Ph levels revealed 8.3 for Katadyn vs 9.1 for Berkey !! Just couldn’t believe the Ph difference.
    I am really satisfied of the Big Berkey and will soon go ahead and buy the Go Berkey.

    Quite honestly, this is the best investment one can make.
    Quality + Pricing and friendly service = It just doesn’t get any better than this.
    (and the bonus chocolate bar……so good!). Proudly Canadian !

    My regards to you and your whole team Scott

    P.S: Like one reviewer (Pat – Nov 21st 2013) I also received my invoice with the note ” Enjoy your conscious water Patrice 🙂 “.
    I greatly appreciated the fact that someone took a minute to write down a friendly note,
    Conscious Water is really considerate to its customer and once again, I thank you.

  10. Jennifer

    I just recieved my Big Berkey filter in the mail last week as a birthday present from my Mom. WHAT A GIFT! I have had a Santevia filter for the past few years and have noticed in the past few months that I have lost my thirst for water and in actual fact almost feel turned off of it. Since getting my Berkey I am back to enjoying the taste and experience of my water. I can’t believe how different the water is. The system is so compact and cute and easy to use.

    Just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I am a very happy customer and will certainly pass the good word around.



  11. Jasmine

    I have to tell you we love the product. We live in an older home in Edmonton, built in the ’30’s and as a result our home has lead in-service pipes, A few years ago the water was tested and the results came back that the water is unsafe to drink for pregnant women and children under 6 (my son is 4). After spending hundreds of dollars every year on bottles of water I finally found the Berkey system. It’s fantastic, and has saved us so much money already. I only wish I would have bought the next size up from the Big Berkey. Even though we’re only a family of 3 we don’t drink anything other than water so we go through at least one full chamber of water every day.

  12. Arun

    Hi Scott,

    Just wanted to write and say we received the Berkey Water filter last week, my family loves it and it has made a huge difference of making great tasting clean water more accessible for everyone including my elders,

    Thank you again,

  13. Monica

    I should have contacted you much sooner about everything arriving safe and sound. I really appreciated your updates on the delivery process. Just thought you might like some feedback about our Berkey experience so far. I had no problems putting everything together but I did end up priming the flouride filters twice just to try and clear out more of the bitter taste that they gave the water even after the fourth time filling the top container full and letting it drain through. It did the trick. I had a Santevia before so the long filtering time doesn’t bother me. You just have to pay attention to the water level and plan ahead (the sight glass is a god send).

    The water tastes ‘clean’, I don’t know how else to put it. It seems to be more refreshing than other water, I really have a drive to drink it now. Even my 16 year old son who initially sniffed that ‘water is water, it’s all the same’ I’ve noticed now only drinks from the filter. When I turn on the kitchen tap the smell of chlorine is almost overpowering. Until I started using the filter I never noticed it before. I also did the food color test and no color came through. My son took it upon himself to try his own test. He threw in orange juice. Yes, a Berkey can turn orange juice into water, miraculous! The water did taste a bit off for a few days but nothing serious and it’s cleared up. I don’t know if the sugars in the juice would do any actual damage to either of the filters or shorten the life of the flouride set any faster but I suppose we’ll find out eventually.

    Thank you for making such wonderful products available and we really loved the chocolate bar you sent along with everything. Hope your team has had a wonderful Christmas season.

    Wishing you all the best in the new year,

  14. Pat

    Hi Scott,
    Well I have to say that after taking some Berkey water over to my mother and sister’s house, they were both instantly hooked. My mother insisted on pouring a little into each of our water glasses and having a little “toast” before trying it … very cute, but really it’s a water worth toasting. It’s pure and clear and wonderful… It’s absolutely refreshing and a treat to drink, knowing what is NOT in the water.
    ~ Pat
    P.S. Someone wrote in pencil on the invoice “Enjoy your conscious Water Pat :)” I have to say it was a heart-warming little note, simply because I now feel like we are part of the “Berkey family” … a “real” person was on the other end wishing us well.

  15. Kathy

    Hi Scott,
    Just had to let you know- we LOVE our Big Berkey. It took a couple of days to get up the courage to actually put it together but in the end it was no big deal. I was a bit concerned that it was too small for us but it is perfect. We go through quite a bit of water a day as we use it for drinking and cooking but we always have lots on hand. The taste is great and I love that it is definitely more alkaline than our distilled water was.
    The one big adjustment was in making tea with it. For some reason it makes the tea incredibly strong – too strong for us- but we have found if we pull the tea bag out of the pot after 5 minutes exactly we get a great cuppa (and we do love our tea!).
    Thanks for the great website and great service.
    God bless

  16. Paul Carrier

    Hey Scott,

    Loving the new water! I don’t feel like I’m drinking from a pool anymore.

    Thanks for the chocolate too, it was delicious ; )


  17. Peter Thompson

    Hi Scott,
    We are very pleased with the water system. To drink the water is radically different than Port Perry water straight from the tap. Our water is so distasteful that the region is “studying” what we need to fix. Consensus is a new well. Good luck for us since we are on the north side of the ridges.

    It took a little adjusting to our “water routine”, but all is better since we converted. Hard water and all.
    Lovin our new Berkey.
    Cheers, thanks for your follow up and stay well !

    Pete & Jan

  18. Julie Thurston, Naturopathic Doctor

    Our Berkey water system is a solution to several concerns I had about our home water. Our well has high bacteria levels at certain times of the year and we run a UV filter. I love that the Berkey would remove any stray bacteria and acts as a back up to our UV filter. Our older home has copper piping with lead soldering which does leach small amounts into the water. So to filter the water for metals at the inlet pipe from the well would not help the quality of the water. But the Berkey is able to effectively remove those metals for us at the tap. And this is confirmed by the water sample testing I had done.
    It gives me extra piece of mind to know that in an emergency power outage situation I can use lake water as a safe drinking source. It is a very cost effective solution for our needs.
    Thanks for your help Scott, – Julie Thurston, Naturopathic Doctor

  19. Jan

    Scott!! The water is the same as this which I know…30 years ago from a mountain’s spring – unbelievable! I am so happy to have this system. I will be buying soon next for my family.

  20. Stephen

    Awesome product. I love the Berkey, the taste, the simplicity and no electricity!!
    Thank you for your great customer service Scott!

  21. Cindy Deck

    This is a beautiful, sleek unit that doesn’t take up much real estate in the kitchen, yet is as much integral to the kitchen as the fridge and stove. Clean drinking water is fundamental!

  22. Susan Schweitzer

    “It’s a beautiful day in my neighbourhood”, knowing that Conscious Water is out there, saving the water and our health. I can’t tell you how many people I have told about my Big Berkey, with mineralizing rocks and alkalinizing balls. I even brought one of the Sport Berkey bottles, that I bought from Scott/Conscious Water, on a recent trip, so I could have Berkey water at the hotel and in the restaurants.
    At home, I use more Berkey water than I ever imagined. I only drink Berkey water with my supper, now, and I use it for cooking, the plants, and the goldfish. We all love it, and we are healthier for it! I even supply it to my neighbour. (He leaves his large empty bottle on my stoop, when he runs out, and I fill it.)
    Scott has been super good about customer service. He is very flexible, and he doesn’t apply blue suede tactics to get people to buy the products. He uses solid information and a style that is in line with his products – very Zen. Much appreciated!!
    By the way, I bought a filter for the shower, which is working out super fantastically, as I don’t have the burning sensation, on my skin, that the chlorine usually provides.
    I can hardly wait to sample all of the merchandise. Scott is always adding innovative and much needed products to his line. I would always buy my products from Scott. “Live long, and prosper, Conscious Water.” It just seems so appropriate.

  23. Neil D

    I’ve had the Big Berkey for about 2 months now and love it, in fact my wife and 3 kids love it as well. We were using a Brita flter and the switch to the Big Berkey was immediately noticeable, great tasting water. As parents we are comforted we are all drinking clean water. It was very simple to set up, had a bit of trouble with the spout as it leaked at first but after some minor adjustments it works perfect. Scott was great and answered all my questions and was very quick in shipping out the system. The Berkey looks great on the countertop as well. 2 thumbs up.

  24. Claire W

    We bought our Big Berkey Filter System last month, November 2012. After a lot of research on several water filtration systems, we decided that B.B must be the one!
    I wanted chlorine and arsenic/fluoride to be removed from our drinking water but I was really glad to learn that the Berkey system was backed by amazing lab tests results that attest to the removal of a long list of harmful chemicals and pathogens (a list that goes on and on…)

    Another nice feature is that Berkey is a gravity-fed system that requires no plumbing or water hookups for use. So installation was easy and trouble-free, thanks to Scott’s useful instructions. We also purchased the Santevia mineral stones; it’s an extra peace of mind to know that we are now drinking alkaline water – I think an important step toward good health.

    Now, let’s talk about the water. Well, it’s simply delicious! Clear and fresh-tasting like water should taste! What else to say?
    All in all, we’re very happy with our Berkey! We recommend Conscious Water to anyone wanting to get clean water from a reliable, low-maintenance purification system with a long proven history.

    Claire W

  25. Jane Palmer

    We are very happy with the Big Berkey water filtration system. We also have the alkalizing stones which will hopefully improve the alkalinity of all our family members. We have had many comments about the great look of the stainless steel cannister in our kitchen. The water does taste good – with no real taste at all. This is exactly how water should taste! We also bought the glass spigot which has been helpful. However, the system is great without the extra spigot as well. A pleasure to have in our kitchen.

  26. Jessica Rain

    Simply the best! The service was super fast. The product is the tastiest water ever. Easy to assemble. I think everyone should have one. I would highly recommend the extra fluoride filters and PH stones.
    The Big Berkey is simply the best! Thank you!

  27. JF Papillon

    We received are Big Berkey yesterday. . It is very nicely made, very easy to assemble, and the quality is perfect. More than 50 % of the human body is water…Water goes everywhere in our cells. The quality of the water we drink is very important for that reason. Berkey is capable of delivering that water quality in a very simple and efficient way..

  28. Robert Van Every

    I can’t believe I’ve gone 32 years of my life without this. I have friends who fill up their water bottles when they’re over, it’s that good. It really tastes amazing and so pure compared to the Toronto tap water I had been drinking.

  29. MCurtis

    If I could give two rankings, I would give 4 for being easy, safe, clean water, service, etc.
    However, I would give 2 stars for taste, enjoyment.

    I was very impressed with the reviews regarding water purification. One challenge I had putting the Berkey together was with the filters/flushing them at the kitchen faucet. I could not figure out the ‘flushing’ of the filters. Once I read the instructions for ‘on the field’, where you can use bottled water, it made sense/came together. My kitchen tap would not push tightly enough against the button or have enough slight adjustment difference to allow me to regulate enough water, without it spilling on the sides of the filters… this, of course would not allow me to see if it was ‘sweating’ or not, because the filter was getting wet from the overflow of the tap. Once I used the bottle water technique, it was easy!!
    I do have to say that I am not that pleased with the taste of the water. So far, it is a big disappointment. I would say that taste is right up there in priority for me, to being properly filtered! 🙁 I had R/O (and remineralized Santevia) water at my last house and we (and our guests), loved the taste! When we moved to an apt., I had to settle for Brita until I found the Berkey. I was not happy with the taste of tap water put through Brita. I had hoped that Berkey water would be better tasting. We still have a leftover Brita pitcher and I have to say that both me and my kids prefer the taste of the Brita now! Am I missing something?! If anyone has any experience/suggestions regarding this matter of good taste….? (other than saying ‘well, at least you know it’s safe’, yes I know that. I am thankful to have ‘safe’ water.) Can I not have both?
    Scott has been very good at followup, assistance with the product prior to and while putting it together. That ‘small business’ approach is much appreciated.
    thx, M

  30. Sabrina

    I love my Big Berkey! I’ve been drinking litres and litres of fresh water, cooking with it, giving it to the pets and to the plants. My main regret is that I didn’t get a bigger one! This size covers the day-to-day needs quite well but runs out too fast when we have a gathering. To top it all off, Conscious Water offers excellent service too!

  31. Ken Pepperdine

    Good looking product that works just as advertised. The ritual of filling the berkey is no impositionat all. Each time we fill, we know we’re improving our health, the act of which itself imbues the water with our gratitude.

  32. Daniel Y

    Bought my big berkey over a year ago and have been extremely satisfied with my purchase. I had been considering buying a high quality water filtration system for years, but always held off due to the cost. Having finally committed I can safely say that the peace of mind associated with knowing that you are drinking safe, clean, and in my case fluoride free (with the added filter) water is well worth the money. Scott at Conscious water was extremely helpful, and promptly answered all my questions. All in all, a great product, and a great Canadian store to purchase it from (:

  33. Robin Holmen

    I bought my Big Berkey over a year ago and am hooked for life! My preschoolers can serve themselves and are happy to drink water, even over milk. I shudder when I am served tap water when not at home because the water treated in the Berkey tastes soooo much better.

    All of my dealings with Scott have been super – he’s prompt in responding, very pleasant to deal with, and goes out of his way to make sure that everything is to satisfaction, or else he makes it right. I have recommended Conscious Water to friends and family because I am confident that they will get the same great product and service that I have.

  34. Peter Tran

    My mission at the beginning was to find a water system that can assist with every day clean water and make it easy for mom, instead to lug 5 gallons of water from the grocery store once a month. I done much research on the best and most cost effective way. I researched Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, standard filter water, under kitchen taps, and even entire house water system. I stumbled across conscious water and glanced at the information on the website. I must say Scott had did a fine job in breaking it down why and the cost approach down to the penny. With that knowledge I further you tube many happy owners, some had crazy demos on filtering pond water, lake water, stale 5 year old water and even “Unknown” water from there driveway. Every single results was awesome. So I was confident to place the order. Now ever since we had the Berkey my mom cooks with it, boils Tea.. It’s great. I highly recommend a Berkey and Scott is a great guy to deal with. Very prompt and fast in answer our questions.

  35. Colleen Fitzelle

    I love my Big Berkey and so do my plants. No more brown tip on on my spider plants. The stainless steel unit is so attractive on the counter. Everyone that visits asks about it. They cannot get over the taste and keep saying, “I’ve just got to have some more of your water!”

  36. Ryan McMiller

    The Berkey water systems are incredible. For the quality of purification, they compete with very expensive water systems for a fraction of the cost. Adding in the Alkaline mineral stones gives you perfect, pure Alkaline water. The beauty of the Berkey system is that being gravity fed, a person would be able to use this in any disaster or emergency situation, without power or water pressure, unlike other very expensive systems that require electricity and water pressure. One last amazing thing. The filters last a very long time, depending on usage. A small family would be able to use the same filters for years. I am thrilled to own a Berkey! Pure water, amazing taste, low cost.

  37. Nancy Clarke

    Fantastic! We are all happy with our Berkey water filter and I have recommended it to many of my friends living here in the Middle East where we live. The water tastes so much better and now we don’t have to worry about how long the water bottles have been sitting out in the desert heat before they reach us. This is so convenient and so much healthier.

  38. jacques marois

    The big berkey water purifier is a beautifull top of the line water system.We are extremely pleased
    with it……..would never look for anything else.
    Scott at Conscious water answered all questions promptly and was a great help.
    All was delivered as promised.
    Great place for your purest water needs

  39. David Hooper

    We moved into a new town in September and the water is so full of chlorine that it is almost impossible to drink. Everytime we took a drink our mouths dried up and we did not feel hydrated. The smell began to put us off drinking sufficient water to keep us healthy each day. we looked for days online to find a water purifier to fix out water. We ordered the Big Berkey and set it up the same night it arrived. With the first glassful we shouted out, “finally water that tastes good and hydrates. We cannot stop drinking this water. No taste, not smell and we can actually taste the tea and coffee we make.

  40. Jen Nielsen

    I purchase this item a few months ago and think it is absolutely fantastic. the price is definitely worth the quality of the product you’re getting and I would recommend it to anyone!

  41. Marc Renaud

    I baught my big berkey from here about a year ago. I use if for our city water. It makes the water taste so much better. I cannot drink water that is not from the Berkey. My roomate, girlfriend, and two cats enjoy the water too.

    I ordered the big berkey with the pf2 and aresenic filters. I also purchased the Alkalizing Mineral Stones, Spigot, and the Colodial Silver drops.

    My order got here quickly and I love the products.

    Thanks for this great website.

  42. Brad P

    Absolutely the best water we’ve consumed.
    Our whole family drinks a lot more now…and no plastic bottles lying around.

  43. Jeanine Baker

    I live in Orillia where the taste of the city water is poor most of the time. I refuse to buy bottled water, and had relied on Brita Systems for years. When I learned of Conscious Water’s Berkey Systems, I knew it was time to make a switch. I’m drinking more water now than I have in years, and actually enjoy the taste again. I highly recommend it.

  44. Sean MacKinnon

    … and of course there is the PF2 Arsenic/Fluoride filters. We do not have fluoridated water here (Yukon) but the recent revelation that rice is such a high source of arsenic (even organic rice) due to past and current pesticides that contain arsenic makes me want to reduce it wherever i can. We eat a lot of rice and will only realistically cut back on that so much so flitering any arsenic that may be in our water is one path to reduces arsenic consumption.

  45. Sean MacKinnon

    … and later I ordered the sight glass spigot. I am super happy with it since it has a higher flow rate and helps me keep on top of when to add water.

  46. Sean MacKinnon

    I was looking for household water filtration and all the in-line options seemed to talk about was taste and appearance. When I discovered the Big Berkey and saw its spec sheet for actual flitration rates for so many different contaminants, I knew I had found what I was looking for. We use it for all cooking and water consumption. It is a bit slow but the (but the spec sheet also gives flow rates so we were forewarned) but filling it each evening gives us a fresh and great tasting water supply each day. A bonus that I did not expect was the great taste – I am now drinking far more water!

  47. Jenny C

    Since the first time tasting water from a Berkey I have been hooked! We love having a Big Berkey in our makes me want to drink more and more water..which makes me feel great! 🙂

  48. D. Danylyshen

    About six months ago my family and I switched from brita filtered water to a royal berkey with alkalizing stones. The taste difference was immediate. We started using berkey water for watering down our children’s juices, to cooking, to ice cubes….everywhere. When guests come over they taste the water and love it instantly. The best selling features of this system is the cost effectiveness and the ability to filter almost ANY type of water. Conscious water’s customer service is excellent, also. I’ve been sending virtually anyone who will listen to conscious water for their filtering needs.

  49. Howard Uphill

    Great product. Arrived fast in Great shape. Thank you

  50. Claire Lipton

    The reviews are true! It is totally worth every penny. We are overjoyed with our Big Berkey. The water tastes amazing and we feel a lot better about drinking Los Angeles city water with the arsenic/flouride reduction elements in there. More than anything, we are excited to be drinking pure water that still contains essential minerals! Thank you Conscious Water!

  51. clayton ganton

    First;y, my wife is the reason for our Big Berkey, after much investigation this was the conclusion, after using our Berkey, it is true about the taste!!! we have ro units etc.. and yes this is far more efficient and way more enjoyable, plus, the filters and alkalizing mineral stones, work amazingly, my father in law was skeptic so he even brought his pool water tester over to test the water and its alkalie level.. Berkey wins!!! thank you, Conscious water for everything!!

  52. James Harmeson

    I purchased the Big Berkey on the 22nd of November, and by the 27th of November I was drinking the water from it. What a great deal for one of the most vital substance to life, H2O. I replaced a very slow water filtering system, and other potable systems. The money saved will go towards Organic food. Now I can make the Food and Water the medicine for my health, not the vitamin and supplement industry.

    Thanks Scott

  53. Muoi Van

    My family loves our big berkey. We use it everyday for drinking and cooking. My dog loves it too. He never drinks water straight from the tap anymore and he looks really healthy. His coat looks great an sheds less. Pet owners should definately buy one.

  54. Susan Blake

    Love the Big Berkey. It is perfect for my household: 2 adults (1 disabled) and 2 very old cats. We use our Berkey water for all drinking and cooking. The taste and quality improvement is amazing – no more chlorine smell. We all (including the cats) drink a considerable amount more water than ever before. I added the alkalizing mineral stones and the arsenic/fluoride reduction filters to our system making our water the best in town.

  55. Stefan Choptiany

    Currently using this product to filter my city tap water. I am a renter, so having a water filter that does the job and is easy enough to pack away and take with me is key. Conscious water has been helpful informing me about the product in many ways and were very honest. It is a long lasting filter, and very simple to put together. There isn’t much that can go wrong with this product.

  56. Nathan

    I love our Big Berkey, we are a family of 4 including a baby and a cat! And we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of our water. Our Berkey has the Alkalizing stones which brought our PH level up to exactly where it should be of around 7. Living in Ontario Canada we also don’t have to worry about traveling in the winter to get bottled water that has had all the minerals removed or spending $1000’s on a home purification system, the one thing that we didn’t plan on was our Berkey becoming a conversation piece when guests come over, our discussion quickly turns to “what is that” and then water and quality of water! Love our Berkey

  57. Melanie VanPypen

    Loving Conscious Water (my Big Berkey with Alkalizing Stones Infusion)… my body and mind are craving this water constantly! The taste is amazing and inspires me to drink more water than I have been in the past while. Trusting that our water is healthful and safe puts my mind at ease and I see myself reaching for my water bottle way more frequently than normal.

  58. Dave Craig

    We are having a baby in April so my wife and I wanted to make sure our drinking water was free of any substances or trace particles that would not be good for the baby or for us. The Berkey system is a perfect fit for our growing family.
    My favourite things about the Berkey system are the long term money savings compared to other systems we’ve had, and the piece of mind knowing we have the best possible water quality for our home. We did our homework and couldn’t find a better long term system in terms of cost or quality. Even the dog gets Conscious Water!

  59. Marcus

    We are happy with the quality of our Big Berkey… I did my taste test and it beat out the bottled water and our (raw/unfiltered) well water!

  60. Andrea Yanke

    The Big Berkey Water Purifier has been an amazing addition to our home! Both us and our children noticed the change in the taste of water immediately. The water from the Berkey tastes wonderful and we can have peace of mind knowing that it is clean, pure water! The Berkey is easy to clean, looks great in our kitchen, and best of all, provides us with quality water! We LOVE it and are looking at purchasing additional Berkey products in the future!

  61. Kassandra Wilkey

    We worked it out and over 5 years will save $4000 dollars by using our Berkey instead of buying bottled water by the jug. We love our Berkey water and the kids are drinking so much more water already! I think I had a fear before about running out of water, now I really feel like that fear is gone. Silly, but true, because we used to have to go buy our water, and now its readily available. I feel really relieved! Thank you!!! You can buy with confidence with Conscious Water.

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