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Purify any freshwater source!

The Crown Berkey holds 22.7 L (6 G) of water. Great for families and groups of up to 100 people (depending on how many filters are used). Dimensions: Height (assembled): 76 cm (30″), Diameter: 28 cm (11″).

Your Berkey includes:

  • Upper and Lower Stainless Steel Chambers
  • 1 Stainless Steel Lid
  • 1 Prime Rite™ Universal Primer
  • 1 Anti-Airlock Clip
  • 2 vials of Red Dye to test your filters
  • 1 free spare wingnut and 1 free spare blocking plug
  • 2 Black Berkey purification elements
  • 1 priming washer
  • 6 blocking plugs
  • 1 BPA free nylon spigot
  • home and backcountry instructions

Included Black Berkey Purification elements last for 22,700 Liters (6,000 Gallons) as a pair, are cleanable, and self-sterilizing. For most families/groups using a full 22.7 L cycle approximately every day, this works out to a 2.5 – 3 year lifespan.

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  • NOTE: After listening to our customers feedback we highly recommend purchasing one, two, or three extra sets of Black Berkey Purification Elements and using four, six, or eight together. This makes your unit 2 – 4x faster and more convenient. For example, a full 22.7 liter cycle takes approximately 6 hours with 2 elements.  This is reduced to approximately 3 hours with 4 elements.
  • Purifies 24.6 L (6.5 G)/hour with 2 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full).  As the water level in the upper chamber declines, the purification rate slows due to less pressure on the elements.
  • Purifies 49 L (13 G)/hour with 4 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full).
  • Purifies 73.6 L (19.5 G)/hour with 6 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full).
  • Purifies 98.4 L (26 G)/hour with 8 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full).
  • Height while in use:  76 cms (30″), Diameter:  28 cms (11″).
  • Packed height (upper reservoir slides into lower):  51 cms (20″).
  • Weight when empty:  5.5 kg (12.1 lbs).
  • Food grade, type 304, polished stainless steel.
  • Health / Wellness and a Survival tool in one!


7 reviews for Crown Berkey Water Purifier Bundle

  1. Gisele Cannalonga (verified owner)

    I have just bought my Crown Berkey, 1 month ago. I really love it so much.
    I am drinking more water now than ever. Because I do lots of Intermediate Fasting, I only drink water for 2 days, since I start drinking water from this filter, I am feeling much better and my life quality is much better. I can really feel the difference. I don’t drink any alcohol, soda or juice, only water, it is my 24 hours drink. I recommend this product without hesitation. And please buy it from Conscious Water, they have a very good client service, you will might will need help, and they will definitely will be there for you.

  2. Remy

    We’ve been using the Royal Berkey for almost 5 years now, still with the original black filters. Water quality is still as good as it was on the first day. That’s a true testament to the quality, commitment and truthful advertising that Scott exemplifies with every transaction.

    We are a family of 4. Berkey filtered water is used exclusively for drinking and cooking. The last 2 years we’ve also used it for some of the plants in our garden … another eye opening experience (although we had to remove the re-mineralizing stones due to the high PPM … some plants are more sensitive to that).

    One word of caution: PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE SETTING UP YOUR BERKEY … otherwise you will likely waste your time, and end up contacting Scott for help/advice that is already in the instructions (like me). Once setup is complete, the filter works like a charm with regular monthly flushing/cleaning (takes me about 1/2 hour nowadays).

    We hope you enjoy this product as much as we do, we are customers for life. Thank you to all at Conscious Water.

  3. Claire

    Yes, we love it! It’s been working great for the busy studio, I fill it up every evening/every other evening… It is fabulous, and everyone has noticed a major difference from the bottled RO water we were drinking before.

    Thanks again, big hugs…

  4. Artur Jany

    In our quest for a more healthy and non toxic life, this water filter was absolutely
    the single best investment we have ever made. Prior to purchasing our beloved Berkey, we
    used to buy caseloads of plastic BPA full water bottles from Costco. The water filter saves
    us SO much money every month, and what is more important, we have clean, safe drinking
    water that is as simple as filling it up with water from our tap! It is very easy to use, simple to clean,
    requires almost no maintenance, and the taste is clean and pure. An added bonus is that it can be used in emergency situations when clean water is not available. I have not a single complaint about
    the filter (Except that maybe we should have gotten a bigger one because we fill ours up daily..our girls have started drinking much more water since we got the filter). I highly recommend this water filter to anyone looking for clean, safe, healthy drinking water that is free of chlorine and other toxic chemicals that are found in municipal tap water. THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!

  5. Oob Nding

    Having researched water filtration/akalization systems for a number of weeks earlier this year, Berkey water filters came highly recommended.

    I have made up my mind on a Crown Berkey with 8 self-sterilizing black Berkey purification elements, 8 fluoride and arsenic filters, and Santevia alkalizing mineral stones. We’ve had it installed for over 5 months now and our family of 4 does not drink any other water anymore. That includes two children below 3 years old! This has instantly replaced 100% of the natural source water we used to buy (reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the plastic bottle in the process….), and we simply don’t trust our health with any other water source.

    This unit is meant to serve multiple purposes and scenarios.
    – primary use case is to provide clean drinking, cooking and basic hygiene water for a family of 4, with tap water as a source and an estimated output of 10-15L/day
    – secondary use case covers the above plus showering water, when tap water is not available for about 45-50L/day
    – third use case covers the above, for 20+ households (the whole street and more; initial driver for the unit size) and the Crown Berkey can deliver just that!

    So really a day-to-day as well as a preparedness decision. The benefits of this system in our day to day life has been above and beyond expectations: the flow is fantastic (even though we have only installed two sets of purification elements and filters!), the taste has dramatically improved, and we have the satisfaction to know that our water is now safe and under our control. In addition, with the Crown Berkey, we really have built in capacity for any situation…

    Beyond the product quality and my overall satisfaction with the output, one of the main reasons I am particularly happy with my decision is Conscious Water themselves. I have been pleasantly surprised – times and again – by their professionalism, dependability, and quite frankly unparalleled customer service! Thank you for being amazing! We need more businesses like yours.

  6. Nathan

    We purchased the Crown Berkey for our one larger office which houses approximately 20 staff and visitors a day. All of the employees were thrilled with the quality of water as well as the ease of use, no longer do they have to do shift work in order to pick up bottled water at the local water store, and best of all the PH is around 7 as opposed to the approc 4 of the reverse osmosis we were previously getting. In turn we feel that our staff are healthier and the 5 minutes of water education also encouraged them to dig deeper into the issue as a whole. We went with the Alkalizing stones as well as the arsenic and black filters to be on the safe side.

  7. Captain Ahab

    I did a lot of research on the subject of water purification rather than just filtering and decided on Berkey. I bought a Crown Berkey with 8 Black Berkey purification elements and after purifying the first container I was simply amazed. You have to know me to understand how much of a skeptic I am but to put it bluntly both my wife and myself were astounded at the difference in the taste of our water after our first drink.
    We have a filtering system in our RV and thought that it did a good job with the water when we traveled but after tasting the difference we actually put all our drinking water through the Berkey and use the filter for our shower and dish washing water. We could not imagine going anywhere without our Berkey and in fact we had a custom cabinet made for it in our 5th wheel trailer so that when we are traveling we are able to drink only water that has been through our Berkey.
    As I said I am a skeptic and I am convinced and I highly recommend the Berkey system and advise anyone into prepping to have one.

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