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Miron Glass Bottles, Miron Glass Canada:

  • In use since the times of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Valuable essences and natural healing products were kept in gold and violet glass containers.
  • Miron Violet glass blocks the visible light spectrum with the exception of violet, UV-A and infra-red.  Miron glass works like a natural filter which only lets the sunlight through that protects and improves the quality of premium and sensitive substances.
  • This glass is chosen because violet light shows the highest vibration frequency of all colours, (668 – 789 billion Hertz).
  • In order to substantiate these advantages, “MIRON Violettglas BV” has conducted a series of tests themselves, (here is one) and in cooperation with scientific institutions.  Further confirmation of functionality comes from the science of biophotonics.  Here is a study done by Biological Therapeutics Rejuvenate.
  • A Miron Bottle is an excellent companion to your Berkey Water Purifier.  The mouth of your bottle fits perfectly around the spigot of your Berkey and the Miron Glass protects the great taste and alkalinity of your water.  Treat your water like wine!  A wine cork may be used in place of the included BPA free plastic cap.


3 reviews for Miron Glass Bottles

  1. Kevin

    I absolutely love my First Glass Design custom miron water bottle. It’s beautfiul to look at, the water tastes better than when drinking from metal or plastic, and I’m finding that I feel more hydrated when drinking this consciously structured water that the bottle helps create. I also get plenty of compliments on the bottle as it’s very unique and the etched designs are very beautiful. It’s not just a water bottle, it’s a piece of health technology AND a piece of art!

  2. Andrea Taylor

    I am so happy to be the proud owner of a BEAUTIFUL, blessed water bottle! It is an impeccable creation, of the highest standards, and I have received so many compliments on it in under 24 hours! Everybody wants one! The water that has been allowed to “marinate” in the sunlight in this beauty is so incredible and delicious tasting! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Tim is super awesome, and super speedy on his replies, and customer service! Will be ordering from again in the future! <3 Love & Light 😀

  3. Nic

    Tim is so accommodating. Added a mantra on top of the requested flower of life and was sent next day. Bottle is beautiful, can’t wait to fill it up and start using. Couldn’t recommend this man high enough, he even phoned Canadian post to find out where package was for me. Top seller !!

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