Sovereign Silver Canada ~ Colloidal Silver Hydrosol

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  • Sovereign Silver Canada ~ Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol 
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  • You may have been re-directed here from, all is well!  It is our sister site.
  • Sovereign Silver® is the purest and most effective colloidal silver hydrosol.
  • Sovereign Silver® is the #1-selling colloidal silver product on the market.
  • 99.999% Pure, Sovereign Silver® has only two ingredients, silver and ultra pure medical grade water.
  • 96% actively charged particles.
  • The extremely small particle size (0.8 nm nanometers) is why Sovereign Silver is so effective at a safe, low concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million).
  • Crystal clear and virtually tasteless.
  • All products come in sturdy brown glass bottles, glass ensures the formulation maintains its quality and integrity.
  • Manufacturer information: 

NOTE:  You may have been re-directed here from, all is well!  That is our sister site.

5 reviews for Sovereign Silver Canada ~ Colloidal Silver Hydrosol

  1. Jen Nielsen

    A must for every household.

  2. Kassandra Wilkey

    Sovereign Silver from Conscious Water is well worth every penny as it is competitively priced and a natural remedy that I give as gifts because of its effectiveness in shortening colds/flu and helps to minimize symptoms. Every member of my family keeps a bottle around especially during cold season.
    Thanks Conscious Water for making this wonderful top of the line brand of Sovereign Silver readily accessible.

  3. Kat B

    I ordered this for myself and my dogs. Great price and quality, I’m really happy with my purchase and will continue to order silver hydrosol from here. Delivery was very fast too.

  4. Yvette

    I ordered the Sovereign Silver for a family member who tested positive for MRSA. Before even finishing one bottle the next test came back negative. I have no doubt the Sovereign Silver did it. I will also use the spray for family and all the animals I have should one get a cut. Thank you for providing this wonderful product.

  5. wayne

    With an elderly family member suffering with the dreaded UTI sickness, collidal silver is the ticket sooooo much better and effective than antibiotics ever can be. Health Ranger recommends sovereign silver as the best mostly because of the particle size. Consciouswater has the best price

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