~ Client Testimonials ~

“I wanted to add how happy we are with the Royal Berkey we purchased from you, Conscious Water.  The size is perfect for our family. I use the water for all our drinking, cooking, dog dish, and even watering our indoor herb garden. The difference/improvement in the taste is amazing! We are so happy knowing that we’re improving the quality of water we’re drinking and feeding our family; and saving money too!  Thank you very much.”

Sarah McDonald, Barrie, Ontario

“We had been looking for the right water filter for a few years. With the health of two small children at the forefront of our mind, the importance of clean, alkalizing water that is free from heavy metals became a top priority.  After much research, it was clear to us that the filter had to be gravity fed, simple to maintain and cost-effective over the years.  We repeatedly read impressive reviews about the Berkey products and were so pleased to find Conscious Water close by, to make our purchase even easier.  Scott has always been extremely helpful in answering our many questions to help us to make an informed choice with our purchase.  After using the Big Berkey for a month, we are thrilled with the taste of the water and the quality of the filter system.  In the end we also purchased the alkalizing mineral stones and the sight glass spigot to make our filter totally complete.  We highly recommend the Berkey filter to anyone who is conscious about their water quality.  Thanks Conscious Water for your excellent customer service.”

S.M.  Oro-Medonte, Ontario  (municipal well water)

“I led a small 3 man team of US Paramedics down to Haiti to provide emergency medical care and services to the people of Port Au Prince.  We used the Berkey Sport Bottles as our sole water treatment during our week long stay in Haiti.  Contaminated water is a big problem in the country and in the village that we were operating out of in particular. The village’s well was causing amebic dysentery among the children and our simple test kits revealed both biological and chemical contaminants that were not present prior to the earthquake. The Berkey Sport Bottles performed 100% as advertised for us. The test kits showed the water coming out of the bottles to be contaminant free and safe for use as potable water.  On several occasions we were forced to fill our bottles from other water sources (ponds, streams, etc.) which we knew were contaminated and we did so with the utmost confidence.  This system will be accompanying me on all future trips to disaster zones and developing nations where the water supply is questionable. We will also be purchasing some larger systems to be used as base camp filters as well.”

Brandon Shelton,  Haiti Paramedic Relief Team Leader, Jacksonville, Florida

“Hi Scott,

Thank you so much for the wonderful service…I would not only purchase from you again, but I will recommend you to anyone. You provided me with an ‘on-hands’ service, which I very much appreciated. No complaints whatsoever; nothing but compliments in dealing with you and your company. When I heard of the major which you studied in Halifax, I KNEW you were a good sales person to deal with because it reassured me that you believe in your product, even after all your study.

I am thinking of gifting one to my daughter and her family in the near future.

Many thanks again Scott, and feel free to publish any and/or all of this letter on your website, as I promised, as I could not be more pleased with dealing with you. God bless”

Pauline O’Leary


“The Berkey Water Purifier from Conscious Water has been an amazing addition to our home! Both us and our children noticed the change in the taste of water immediately. The water from the Berkey tastes wonderful and we can have peace of mind knowing that it is clean, pure water!  The Berkey is easy to clean, looks great in our kitchen, and best of all, provides us with quality water!  We LOVE it and are looking at purchasing additional Berkey products from Conscious Water in the future!”

Andrea,  SK  (municipal water)

“We use Berkey Lights from Conscious Water in our remote exploration camps in the Yukon. Our crews find them to be quick and easy to set up. They outperform other gravity fed filters in many respects, especially when the water has a lot of silt. The taste and quality of the water has impressed us enough that we even keep one for the office, and we’re not generally the filtered water kind of guys.”

Groundtruth Exploration, Dawson City, Yukon Territory and Backcountry

“Loving Conscious Water…my body and mind are craving this water constantly! The taste is amazing and inspires me to drink more water than I have been in the past while. Trusting that our water is healthful and safe puts my mind at ease and I see myself reaching for my water bottle way more frequently than normal.”

Melanie VanPypen, Orillia, Ontario,  www.orilliamidwives.com

“The more we live the more we learn.  A lot of what we are learning these days relates to healthy lifestyles and what we ingest. Other than routinely checking to ensure that our well water was good and suitable for drinking, we had not given the importance of high quality water a lot of thought.  We are careful to consume the right foods and to stay away from what is not good for us, so why not apply this filtration thinking to our water?  Searching for more information we found www.consciouswater.ca where we learned of the Berkey water purification system and alkalizing mineral stones with the inherent ability to enhance the water pH and mineralization.  We were impressed with the stated purification statistics.  We also noted the very favourable life cycle cost comparisons to conventional processes that would not perform as well.  We contacted Scott in Orillia to begin the discussions and to learn more.  Scott was very helpful and he is clearly committed to the attributes of the Berkey.  He helped us choose the right size Berkey for our needs.  In short, we found everything presented by Scott and his website to be very compelling, and we now have an attractive system installed in our kitchen delivering wonderful water.  We now drink even more water – just as we are told we should!!”

B.M.  Simcoe County, Ontario  (private well water)

“I’ve purchased several Berkey Sport bottles for gifts.  My best girlfriend took one of the sport bottles to Ecuador last spring and went on a journey into the mountainous jungle.  She only drank water from her sport bottle, and as a result, was the only person on the tour who didn’t get sick.
Berkey water filter review!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

L. Terry,  Colorado

“Water that smelled and tasted like chlorine was one of the reasons my wife and I purchased our Berkey products from Conscious Water.  We are having a baby in April so we wanted to make sure our drinking water was free of any contaminants or trace particles that would not be good for the baby or for us.  My favourite things about the Berkey system are the long term money savings compared to other systems we’ve had, and the peace of mind knowing we have the best possible water quality for our home.  We did our homework and couldn’t find a better long term system in terms of cost or quality.  Even the dog gets Conscious Water.”

Dave Craig,  Mississauga, Ontario  (municipal water)

“The Berkey Sport Water Bottle has made me feel so much better about traveling outside Canada with my children.  I feel confident that I will have pure filtered water wherever we are which is a huge relief traveling with kids!!  Their health and safety is the most important and you have given me peace of mind with your products!!  Thank-you so much Conscious Water!!”

K.W.  Barrie, Ontario  (traveling in the Caribbean)


“Thanks so much!  Due to power failure, I had to use water out of the pool, as we have a well…the thing paid off the first day!  This is a MUST HAVE!!”

Deanna,  USA  (private well water)


More Berkey Water Filters Reviews:

“I just dug a well on my property in Costa Rica.  Berkey was there for my first drink!!!”

Billy B,  Costa Rica  (private well water)


“My husband and I gave birth to our first child, a baby girl, on April 17th and it was such an amazing experience.  We packed our Berkey Sport Purification Bottle in our hospital bag and we can’t tell you how useful it was during the labour and our stay in the hospital.  It was wonderful to know that we were drinking good and pure water throughout our experience and it was super convenient to fill it up with tap water right in our room as opposed to my husband having to run down to the food court to purchase several bottles of water of which were not as healthy.  The Berkey sport bottle has also been awesome to have while on maternity leave and out doing errands with my daughter, easy to carry, does not leak and again convenient to fill up!  We would recommend to all expectant parents out there to add the Sport Berkey bottle on your list of stuff to pack for the hospital!!”

The Craig family, Mississauga

“My husband and I are missionaries to Liberia, West Africa.  Here is our review on Berkey water filters.  We know first hand the incredible importance of clean water…we stayed at another missionaries house and they had one of your Berkey filters. We were impressed the high quality filters survived in Liberia, that is a miracle in and of itself. Before returning to Liberia we wanted to purchase your fine product.  Berkey has provided us with safe, affordable water.  Thank you.  God Bless.”

Ben, Natalie & Annie,  Liberia, West Africa

“My husband and I live in the Forest Home area, south of Orillia, Ontario.  Our well water smells badly of sulphur, the “rotten egg smell”.  We have been exclusively using bottled water for years.  Not only the high cost associated with bottled water, but the time, gasoline used and general inconvenience of this method has led us to look for an economical alternative.  The Berkey water filter from Conscious Water has completely removed all foul odors and associated tastes .  Now we have pure, clean and great tasting water.”

L.C.  Forest Home, Ontario  (private well water)

“I want to tell you how happy we are with your Berkey. We tried many things to clean our water. Then we went to a distiller. It worked okay but the electric bill was too high.  The Berkey price was VERY reasonable and it produces 26 gals (98 liters) a day.  We had it tested with the well again and sent a sample of yours.  Our well came back “unusable”. Too high to count.  Yours came back .003!!  Thank you, now we don’t have to be concerned about the high bacteria.”

The Walters, USA  (private well water)