(We have six sizes available, the largest purifies 98 liters per hour.)

Why consider a water cooler or water dispenser when you can purify your tap water on location?  No electricity or water pressure required.

Buying water cooler jugs, you pay on average 15-20 cents per liter.  Crazy! The water in these plastic jugs (yuck!), is usually filtered via reverse osmosis, and if so, it is acidic and mineral deficient.  This is expensive and unhealthy long term.

Using a gravity-fed Berkey Water Purifier, you can purify and alkalize any freshwater source for 1/2 of one cent per liter.  A health/wellness and emergency preparedness tool in one!

Many Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, Wellness Coaches, and Yoga Schools recommend drinking plenty of mineral rich, alkaline water.  They offer Conscious Water (a Berkey Water Purifier with Naturally Alkalizing Mineral Stones).  These are the most powerful and economical systems available.

We have 1000’s of very happy customers using these systems at their home, office, cottage, camping, while travelling, for emergency preparedness etc…

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You may go see a Berkey and taste the water yourself at the locations listed below. They do not sell Berkey’s at these locations:



Ziva Organic Spa, 2426 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay, (250) 871-8701




Ripe Juicery, 118 Dunlop Street East, (705) 503-7473



Buddha Rider, 136 St Paul, (705) 444-2266

Espresso Post, 139 Hurontario St, (705) 446-1740

The Farm To Table Market And Kitchen, 65 Simcoe St, (705) 444-6200

The Wild Stand General Store, 856 Hurontario Street, Unit #2, (705) 444-1777

Sol Kitchen, 19 Hurontario St, (705) 994-5155



Clarity Health Care, 88 Main Street,  (519) 833-9006



ShopCity.com, Canadian Headquarters, 9170 Highway 93 West, (705) 528-0783



King Living with Sue Sinclair, 178 Jarvis Street Orillia, (705) 259-2511

Windspirit Wisdom and Wonders, 33 Mississaga St E, (705) 325-0461


Owen Sound:

Bikeface Cycling, 269 10th St E, (519) 376-9777



The Food Forest Cafe, 135 Hunter St. West Peterborough, 1-705-874-1888



Essence of Life Wellness Care, 2238 Bloor St W, 2nd Floor, 1-416-760-0895




Ground Truth Exploration, Dawson, (867) 993-5612


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