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The Berkey Light water filter purifies any freshwater source including treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. The system is designed for use during travel, outdoor activities, hunting/fishing camps, cottages and during unexpected emergencies.

Berkey Light FAQ

What does my purchase include?
Your Berkey Light Includes: 2 Black Berkey purification elements, 1 priming washer, 2 blocking plugs, and 1 BPA free nylon spigot, home and backcountry instructions.

How many people does this system serve?
Great for groups of 2-4 people. After listening to our customers feedback we highly recommend purchasing an extra set of Black Berkey Purification Elements and using all four together. This makes your unit twice as fast and more convenient. For example, a full 8.5 liter cycle purified takes approximately 5 hours with 2 elements. This is reduced to 2.5 hours with 4 elements.

Families of 4-6 are happiest with the Royal Berkey.

What are some advantages to using a Berkey Light® over a stainless steel system?
What makes the Berkey Light® such a popular system is that it is portable, lightweight, and see-through. The Berkey Light® also has a great amount of storage capacity at 2.75 gallons. A favorite feature of Berkey Light® is its base. The base allows some space between the countertop and the spigot. In addition, when used with the Berkey Light® LED Base, the water droplets light up and glow, which result in soothing patterns of light onto the surrounding area. To purchase a Berkey® Light, click here.

Other than washing the Berkey Light™ is there any other maintenance required?
We recommend keeping the Berkey Light® out of direct sunlight. The only other maintenance we suggest is to wash the lower chamber once per month with soapy dishwater. In areas with hard water, calcium scale may build up on spigot and chambers after prolonged use. To remove, soak affected part(s) in vinegar or a 50-50% mix of vinegar and water for about 15 minutes. Finish by cleaning with soapy dishwater. After prolonged use, the flow rate of your system may decrease significantly. To speed up flow rate, simply scrub exterior of each purification element with a stiff brush or ScotchBrite® pad and re-prime elements.

Do the Berkey Light® systems contain BPA?
In the past the Berkey Light® systems were made of food grade polycarbonate that was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Some research suggests that polycarbonates have been known to leach BPA (Bisphenol-A) when either exposed to High Strength Industrial Grade Alkaline Detergents or when they are repeatedly exposed to temperatures in excess of 192 degrees Fahrenheit (over 88 degrees Celsius); neither of which occurs when utilizing the Berkey Light® system. New studies concerning the possible leaching of BPA are ongoing. There has also been a wealth of mis-information circulated over the airwaves and the Internet. The FDA stated in April 2008 that it was not recommending anyone discontinue using products that contain BPA while they continue their risk assessment process. Even with such statements from the FDA, New Millennium Concepts determined that it was in the best interest of our customers to utilize an alternative to the polycarbonate previously used to produce the Berkey Light® system. Fortunately, in 2008, a new product was developed that is BPA FREE. New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. replaced the polycarbonate material with this new material to alleviate any concerns that our customers might potentially have. Not only is this copolyester highly durable, it is also scratch, stain, shatter and odor-resistant. PLEASE NOTE: Over the past year there has been an increasing concern over containers that contain the recycle code #7. The recycle code found on the bottom of plastic containers is called Resin Identification Codes. Polycarbonate is simply one type of plastic that falls under the code #7. Code #7 is a catchall code that basically means “Other” and most products that do not fit into categories #1 through #6 are placed into category #7. It is also for products that are made from more than one type of plastic in category #1 through #6. The new copolyester that the Berkey Light® system utilizes is also categorized into #7 although it is not a polycarbonate and does not contain any BPA.

I have heard that algae can grow in the water when using the Berkey Light®. Is this true?
It is possible for algae to grow in the Berkey Light® because of two factors. The first is that Berkey® systems are removing any chemicals that would inhibit the growth of algae. The second is light. If the Base LED is left on constantly, it can promote the algae growth. This situation can also occur if the Berkey® system is put next to or near a sunny window where it receives direct sunlight. This can be avoided by moving the system or not using the LED lights as much. Another resolution that our customers have reported as working very well is to simply place a pure silver coin, such as an American Eagle (99.999% pure silver) into the lower chamber. Silver is a natural anti-microbial and will inhibit the growth of algae. While we would not know the exact type of algae that is growing, most blue-green algae’s are healthful food sources. We suggest Googling spirulina for more information about blue-green algae being healthful.

Does the Berkey Light® crack?
This is not something that happens very often. However, it is possible that if there is excessive pressure put on the spigot it may cause stress fractures. There would need to be a great deal of strain or force put on the Berkey Light® for it to crack.

Are there phthalates in the co-polyester material used to make the Berkey Light® system?
Phthalate esters are not used in the manufacture of the Berkey Light® system chambers. Additionally, the Black Berkey® purification element reduces certain phthalates, including Butylbenzylphthalate and Diethylphthalate.

  • Included Black Berkey Purification elements last for 22,700 Liters (6,000 Gallons) as a pair, are cleanable, and self-sterilizing. For most families this works out to a 5-6 year lifespan.
  • Holds 8.5 L (2.25 G) of water.
  • Purifies 15 L (4 G)/hour with 2 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full). As the water level in the upper chamber declines, the purification rate slows due to less pressure on the elements.
  • Purifies 30 L (8 G)/hour with 4 Black Berkey Elements (when upper chamber is full).
  • Height while in use:  54 cms (21″), Diameter:  23 cms (9″).
  • Weight when empty:  2.5 kg (5.5 lbs).
  • Food grade, BPA free copolyester.
  • Highly durable and dishwasher safe; it is also scratch, stain, shatter and odor-resistant.
  • Health / Wellness and a Survival tool in one!
  • Read and follow ALL included instructions before setting up your unit.
  • If the lower chamber is full of water, do not add water to the upper chamber or your unit will overflow where the chambers connect.  If the lower unit is half full, you may fill the upper chamber half way.
  • If purchasing the PF-2 Fluoride filters, note they operate in-line with the Black elements.  So if you are using 4 Black elements, you require 4 PF-2 Fluoride filters.  See this page for pictures to understand better.
  • PF-2 Fluoride filters last for 3,785 liters (1,000 gallons), as a pair.  This is about 1 year for most folks.
  • Berkey filters will not purify ocean water and cannot be used with salt-softened water.
  • Complete descriptions here:

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Dimensions35 × 24 × 24 cm

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